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Topic: My first GPO works

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    My first GPO works

    Hey everyone, I've finally mustered the courage to share some of my GPO work via the link below.

    First up, on that site I've posted my TCM young composer's entry (synced with the video clip). The composition is all GPO except for the double bass and some of the drums (a jazz brush kit) in the first few measures.

    There is also a soundtrack for a short film, "In for the Kill." It's a vampire comedy. I used mostly GPO, DIVA, and a few Native Instruments bits and pieces (the djembe drums, and a few subtle ABsynth effects, but again, just about everything orchestral is GPO). For the string quartet portions I loaded the GPO quartet multi and harpsichord (the "Second Movement" works in some piano and flutes, though I'm sure the form is not complicated enough to call it a full "movement," but anyway ) Both the movie and the soundtrack and available as separate downloads.

    And lastly, I recently did a new video game composition called "Creeping Spirits" that mixes GPO with the Vienna library that came with Kontakt 2. Most the sustain patches are Vienna while many of the solo instruments are GPO, along with some other things. DIVA was also used in this one.

    As always, any comments or criticism would be greatly appreciated. I'm a firm believer that a work is never finished, only abandoned, and I'm impressed to no end by the community here.

    Michael Henninger

    B&E Productions

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    Re: My first GPO works

    Just a quick heads-up. I've switched the real audio files for these songs to MP3s, if anyone found those to be off-putting. If it's the music itself that's off-putting, then I can only say that I will keep trying to improve.


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    Re: My first GPO works

    I don't have quicktime loaded on the computer I'm on, sorry

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