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Topic: Another Game/Film Score

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    Another Game/Film Score

    Just finished this song for the beginning of another game. We're hoping to purchase Quantum Leap RA and Symphonic Chiors some time this year so I can add to this; for example there are snippets of themes in here, such as the human theme, dwarven theme and elven theme, the human theme needs some celtic instruments, and the elven theme needs something eastern, but at the moment it's purely GPO. It ends with a sort of a bang, which I like... anyway, just wondering what you all think.


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    Very well done Bodweiser!!!
    It's great as it is, but maybe you can also wait for GPO advanced and Giovani Edition from BelaDmedia...
    Congratulations for your piece!!!
    That's really realistic..
    Best of luck,

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    Re: Another Game/Film Score

    Hi Bodweiser,

    That was quite the thrill I enjoyed it very much!! Can't wait for the finished version!! Good Work!


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    Re: Another Game/Film Score

    Thanks very much
    And yes... those would be good too I'll try and get to a finished version a.s.a.p.
    Thanks again.

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    Re: Another Game/Film Score

    Sounds great, well done! Can you give us a hint what kind of reverb do you used for the mix?

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    Re: Another Game/Film Score


    I checked out your site too. Very nice.

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    Re: Another Game/Film Score

    Very well done, Rob!

    Nice transparency to both the writing -- and the mix, too.


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    Re: Another Game/Film Score

    rob...i'm sort of a sucker for good video game war/action music...this exactly the sort of thing i like to hear...very nice work

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