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Topic: Sample Editing - Hints & Tips

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    Sample Editing - Hints & Tips

    No longer applicable.

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    Re: Sample Editing - Hints & Tips

    I certainly know what you're talking about!! Have spent months, years really on the subject of getting samples tuned correctly and out of tune precisely when wanted. In a word: Melodyne (you need the studio version, I think, for multiple stereo samples).

    Have done 25 string instrument full chromatic layers, including documenting and archiving, in the last 5 days. Had done rough cuts of about 5 in the past 5 months before getting this tool. You can also adjust amplitude bumps in the samples quite easily, and within reason even adjust vibrato; and, blissfully for those tired ears, much of the work is VISUAL. (Checking aurally is very necessary, however!) Then matching layers and dynamic levels, after fixing the tuning and the amplitude profile, becomes much much easier.

    I use gigastudio 3, and its editor, once the samples are good, makes putting them together into an instrument a breeze. At least, after you've overcome nervousness about using the editor, which takes a few weeks or months.

    To work on one layer, the samples are exported to individual wav files, then manipulated, then reloaded. More and more, though, I'm breaking multiple layers into multiple instruments -- rarely use the ppp layers, for instance, and they just take up space that could be used for other instruments. So instead of having the key velocity change layer, I add program changes in midi sequences whenever the music dynamics require a change, but still keeping each instrument responsive to key velocity so that normal fluctuations of key pressure will result in a reasonably expressive musical line.

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    Re: Sample Editing - Hints & Tips

    So, what patch was this that needed so much tuning? I'm thinking you might be a piano tuner too

    You may be aware of this but K2 has cool velocity scripts.
    Script editor/Utilities/Change Velocity/...by default the LINEAR preset will be selected, just click on that and select FIXED and type in the value you want.

    Most of the newer keyboards(even the cheap ones) have the ability to set a fixed velocity. Yes, the S90 has this setting. It can be set to any value when in the FIXED mode.

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    Re: Sample Editing - Hints & Tips

    Quote Originally Posted by synergy543
    Great news. Right now I have a 76-note SY-77 in front of me and an 88-key Yamaha Clavinova behind me (keyboard is really sluggish), so I'm doing the Keith Emerson two keyboard trick to switch velocity layers.
    Funny. That actually reminds me of Bach's 4th Brandenburger Concerto, which had a part written for a "Flauti d'echo"

    You can't play any major dynamic differences on a recorder, and that's where the comparison ends :-)

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    Re: Sample Editing - Hints & Tips

    synergy543, a clarification -- dividing instruments up so they do not use dynamic layers is not to save my hard disk space (since it actually takes more this way), but to be able to load more samples in gigastudio at once, by leaving out those that are not used. Much like vsampler does somewhat automatically, actually.

    Just about got an entire, and pretty comprehensive, orchestra in one instance now, with 1.5 gigs, leaving a second computer for kompakt (kontakt if I ever get it ..) and a third for extra gigastudio stuff and samplitude for recording.

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    Re: Sample Editing - Hints & Tips

    The way gigastudio works is that a small portion of each instrument's samples is loaded into memory, then the remainder is streamed as necessary. Practically, it means that one can load only around 80 instruments (depending on size). So, if you use, as I do, 20 or so violin patches, 15 violas, 15-20 celli, 15 bass, that leaves not quite enough for the 4-5 patches each for brass and woodwinds. Some single instruments, like the VSL legato patches, take quite a bit of space alone, so preserving the total available remains important.

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