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Topic: Problems with Atmosphere/Triology updates

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    Question Problems with Atmosphere/Triology updates

    Hi, had a computer crash and am spending many hours reinstalling software. I have both Triology and Atmosphere installed and functioning. However, when I try to use the 1.2 updater, I get an "unable to get the name of the triology/atmosphere dat file" error message. I am not sure why this is happening. The data files are on a different drive then the program dlls, but that has not be a problem in the past. I didn't see any special instructions about the updater..... so help would be appreciated. I also have RMX installed and imagine I will get a similar message there. With my luck, I send tech support a message.... Friday night... just before a long weekend! Ah well.

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    Re: Problems with Atmosphere/Triology updates

    having exactly the same problem here with both updates ...... let me know if you figure it out .....

    thanks ...


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