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Topic: Having Problem installing giga 3.01!!

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    Having Problem installing giga 3.01!!

    I insert the application dvd in my drive(Plextor Px-716A)it spins up and down and doesn't open.Tried through windows explorer,Same thing.I eject the disk and i get this The Wrong Volume is inthe drive Please insert volume OR.GIGA 3.01 into f drive.I tried the content dvd1 and its recognised.Could it be my plextor drive is not recognising this disc or could this disc be faulty? My setup Windows xp sp2 home .asus p4p800dlx 2gig ram 1 wd 80gb system drive, 2 seagate sata 120 audio drives,plextor px-716A dvd drive.

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    Re: Having Problem installing giga 3.01!!

    It sounds like your application DVD is faulty.

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    Re: Having Problem installing giga 3.01!!

    I had the exact same problem with my application install DVD and I think they may have a bad run of DVD's. However, I have a solution that probably won't solve your problem, but might give you some useful info.

    I loaded the Giga DVD into my Mac G5 which saw the files. Figuring I had a bad DVD that my Windows PC DVD drive was unable to read, I made a copy of the Giga install DVD on my Mac as a Mac/PC DVD in Toast. This worked and I used the copied DVD to install Gigastudio. FYI - authorizing the program doesn't not require the original DVD - just your serial key number which is printed inside your original DVD case.

    Perhaps you can get a replacement from Tascam.

    Hope this helped.

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    Re: Having Problem installing giga 3.01!!

    Out of the 200 or so installs I've done I've seen 2 bad DVDs. Tascam was great about replacing them immediately. Fortunately for me I have extra copies so it didn't slow me down. jc

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    Re: Having Problem installing giga 3.01!!

    Problem Solved! I tried the problem disk on 2 other computers.Runs fine.Made a copy of original disk, loaded the copy into my computer.IT RUNS! Installed the program, registered.NOW i'm wondering WHY My plextor couldn't open the original?Iv'e heard that plextors are very particular with the type of media it uses.Anyone know the type of media that tascam uses for their software?Mytheodos

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    Re: Having Problem installing giga 3.01!!

    My DVD drive is a Samsung. It's a dual-layer capable burner. Don't know if that means anything, but it wouldn't read the Giga install DVD.

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    Re: Having Problem installing giga 3.01!!

    It may be a DVD formatting issue. If it's a DVD+R, that may explain why it was readable on a Mac but not that PC. I have a Memorex combo DVD+/- drive, and recently had this same problem with a recent sample library purchase. I had to take the disc to a Mac, copy the files, and then bring them back over to my PC for execution. It was a DVD+ disc, and was unreadable on my machine despite the fact that my drive supposedly is compatible.
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