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Topic: "Play Audition Sample" Crash

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    Exclamation "Play Audition Sample" Crash

    Hey all,

    I performed a couple of searches, but couldn't see anything to do with my problem. When I'm rifling through a library, using the "Play Audition Sample" button (space bar) to listen to each instrument, sooner or later my luck runs out and Giga stops responding. The cursor becomes an hourglass and then there's nothing left to do but "End Task".

    Anyone else having this problem? Is Tascam aware of it? And is there a workaround? Auditioning samples this way would save me a lot of time if it didn't crash me all the time.



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    Re: "Play Audition Sample" Crash

    I've had that happen, but like a lot of the issues people have had w/giga, it's probably a ram thing, and will probably go away if you just sneeze of something.....

    Not a very constructive reply, I know-but I never found a fix, 'cause it stopped happening. Just wanted you to know that it's not unprecedented.

    Any other problems with the program or the editor? That information might help someone to put you on the fast track.


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