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Topic: GS3 vs EXS24

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    GS3 vs EXS24

    Did anybody do some comparison test with GS3 and EXS24? I'm thinking to move the GigaStudio to EXS24. Here is my thought:

    I have three GigaStudio systems. One is running GS3 on a Carillon (3.4GHz P4), the other two running Giga 2.5 on 1.6GHz AMDs. I use two systems to load my complete Orchestra setup, which doesn't change much (only improve once in a while), where the third machine is the work machine where I search and load instruments based on the current song/project. I'm running Logic 7.1 under Tiger as the sequencer with three MIDI interfaces out into the three Gigas.

    My GS3 system delivers only a little bit over 300 voices although I'm reading that it should get between 400-600.
    I tried the polyphony test with the EXS in Logic. I opened 8 EXS24, loaded some sounds (like Gigapiano, etc), set the voice limit to max 64 and played a sequence where each EXS is hit with a cluster of MIDI notes. I ran the MIDI sequence a couple of times, unmuting one EXS24 after another and monitoring the EXS24 voice count and the CPU metern each time. When all 8 EXS where running, Logic finally hit the CPU max at some peaks.
    This was on a Dual 2.5GHz G5 with 1.5Gig of RAM. Now if I do the math 8*64 voices, that adds up to 512 stereo voices. I double checked the GigaStudio and it seems that the polyphony meter counts only mono voices. That would excel the Logic/EXS combo even more.

    Can anybody provide some test or insights regarding the comparising of the two systems: Streaming efficiency, Memory handling, etc. Basically Pro and Cons.


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    Re: GS3 vs EXS24

    I'm interested in hearing people weigh in on this too.

    Isn't there a problem with Logic being limited to 34 instances of EXS though?


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    Re: GS3 vs EXS24


    what is the advantage of the internal SATA drives over an external firewire?



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    Re: GS3 vs EXS24

    I realize this is slightly OT, but since Lee brought it up:

    Logic's 'Freeze' funciton is great in principle, but at least on my system in actual practice it's far from perfect.
    I consistently get strange artifacts in the freeze files. Yes, it saves a ton of CPU so when it works properly, it's very helpful. It just doesn't work all that well most of the time.

    The issues I've had with Freeze have been identical in Logic 6 and 7. Naturally, your mileage may vary.

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