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Topic: Please, recommend THE BEST SFX library...

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    Please, recommend THE BEST SFX library...

    I'm looking for all purposes SFX library.
    With sounds from DOGS to OLD Airplanes,
    from 'Suffering screams' to 'Silent Crouwds'.
    I know, there are lots of them,
    but may be someone have there own experience.

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    Re: Please, recommend THE BEST SFX library...

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    Re: Please, recommend THE BEST SFX library...

    I've been thinking about buying the USB Sounds X-treme FX which Nayi just linked. It has a decent list of basic sound effects from the Hollywood Edge libraries but I'm especially interested in the sound engine. Using a dedicated engine makes searching easier than using some kind of separate database software and there is a lot of possibilities for mangling the sound. I need more creative sound design capabilities than dozens of different car doors.

    Soundsonline.com has this Blue Box SFX collection but I don't have first hand experience of it.

    What is a cheap price for Hollywood Edge, Sound Ideas and other pro libraries these days? I can't find an all inclusive bundle from HE.

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    Re: Please, recommend THE BEST SFX library...

    The Giga version (if you have Giga already) of Hollywood Edge is great, because of the speed of the search engine. It's instantaneous. Nice sounds, highly workable.

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    Re: Please, recommend THE BEST SFX library...

    I would recommend the 6000 Series from Sound Ideas:


    It's one of the professional staples for sound designers.

    I found the USB Xtreme FX collection somewhat limited and decided not to buy it after looking at their sfx list. I suppose it would be ok for someone just starting out.
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    Re: Please, recommend THE BEST SFX library...

    Sound Ideas. No question.

    Get the 6000 series. Or you could save a few bucks and get either the 1000 or 2000 series which are older and not quite as complete (I have all 3.) These are often available used, by the way. I love this company as their stuff is always well done and they give you your money's worth.

    X-Treme FX is a nice synth plug-in and I use it a lot, but it's not even close to being a bread and butter sound effects library.

    Hollywood Edge had one of the best marketing campaigns for what turns out to be a pretty sparse library. I bought the 20-disk Premeire Edition which is their bread and butter library. The sounds are nicely done, but the whole library would only take 6 or 7 disks if Sound Ideas had done it.

    For example, they have a disk called "Body Punches." It has 99 tracks, but each track has only one short punch sound (where Sound Ideas might have had 10 per track.) So the entire CD is only about 4 minutes!!! Pissed me off because at the time, it was a pretty pricey library and I bought a few specialty libraries from them at the same time which are just as fluffed.

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    Re: Please, recommend THE BEST SFX library...

    Series 6000 is exactly what i was thinking about.
    Thank you for all opinions.

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    Re: Please, recommend THE BEST SFX library...

    I have Blue Box - it's very good, though, it focuses more on ambient sounds and 'real world' sounds rather than game-y stuff like sword swings and 'hits'. But if you need laughter and rain, look no further
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    Re: Please, recommend THE BEST SFX library...

    Pro Samples, if you're on a budget.

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