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Topic: On board sound & midi

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    On board sound & midi

    I have a sound card "Realtek AC97 Audio" which has the "MIDI Music Playback" found in (Control Panel/Sound & Audio devices/Audio) set to "MPU 401".
    For some reason I can't play any MP3, or wave files, but the midi connection to my offboard sampler GS2.5 works perfectly. Where should I look to fix this?
    Windows XP
    512 ram

    Thanks in advance for any comment.

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    Re: On board sound & midi

    Right click My Computer, select "Manage". Select the Device Manager. Expand the Sound, video and game controller item. Make sure that the card is enabled.

    If that's not it, try re-installing the driver.

    Best of luck...


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    Re: On board sound & midi

    Also check your volume menu (double click the volume icon). Different sources go to different outputs and you may have one that's either turned down all the way or is muted in the menu.

    Rob (aka Mixednuts)

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