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Topic: GPO pre-buy question.

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    GPO pre-buy question.


    I have Kompakt full as well as EW and looking to have, really, as many tools as possible and the GPO demos are just out of this (or any other) world.

    Can someone answer a basic question, though? With my already-familiarity (sic) with Kompakt, the "Ensemble Building" feature described on the garritan.com web site - is this 100% intrinsic to the Kompakt player? Is it dealing with building multi's and then (for instance) having multiple instances of Kompakt? Or are there other tools, as well.

    I'm trying to get a feel for how it works with what I'm already used to before I buy...


    - Paul

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    Re: GPO pre-buy question.


    The concept works 'out of the box' and wholly in the Kontakt Player. There's no external software needed to benefit from this.

    Essentially, its loading seperate 'pieces of an ensemble' instruments into one instance of the Kontakt Player and playing divisi or unison tracks (multiple midi tracks essentially) with them. This gives you the ability to control each 'virtual' player seperately affording you control over performance nuances.

    There's nothing here that's going to shock you. Its brilliant in its simplicity.

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