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Topic: HELP !! Latency High w/Gigastudio/Sonar4/Gigateleport

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    Unhappy HELP !! Latency High w/Gigastudio/Sonar4/Gigateleport

    Hi Everyone...
    I've put a lot of money and time into building my new set-up after learning of Gigastudio from the "15 Minute Film School" extra in the "Once Upon Time in Mexico" DVD. I did some homework and decided to build a master/slave set-up. I've built my systems and have decided to try GigaTeleport out first before trying the Midi Over LAN (would have to get 2 soundcards) Excuse the long post but I don't want to leave anything out.

    Here's my set-up:
    Asus A7N8X-DLX 3200+ XP
    1 Gig Ram
    Radeon 9800 Pro
    NetGear 311 PCI Gigabit
    (2 onboard LANs are 10/100)
    M-Audio 2496 soundcard

    Sonar 4
    Gigateleport (Demo 4 now)

    Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe 64 3200+
    (2 Onboard Gigabit LANs)
    2 GIGS RAM
    80 GB SATA
    160 GB SATA (library)
    Radeon X300SE PCI-E (least system taxing PCI-E I could find)

    Gigastudio Orchestra 3.04
    Gigateleport (Demo 4 now)

    The DAW is my main computer and will use it for other things(games, internet ETC). The GigaStudio system has basic software and internet access for driver updates etc.

    The computers are linked thru the gigabit LANs via CAT6e directly. While also connected to my DLS router (2Wire) independently. Using a network monitor (AnalogX), I get about 150 Mbs thru the gigabit LANs right now (not sure if that is good)

    I've installed everything and got GigaTelport working with Sonar and Gigastudio BUT having some issues.
    Just a notice- I've built a few computers but by no means am an expert, especially when it comes to networking and virtual synths

    HIGH LATENCY... with only 2 DXI tracks this is the settings to prevent dropouts.
    Latency : 1280 samples / 29.02 ms/23 ticks at 480 ppq
    Peak Latency (TCP): 768 samples (60%) (I get pops when I stop at anytime)
    Host Buffer size 256

    With only 2 DXI tracks.. ... Ive read other posts and these number are terrible.

    Is it a network issue, hardware issue.... both??

    PLEASE HELP !!!!

    After this issue is remedied, another question is how to set it so I can use more than the 16 channels in Server A. I'm confused on how would set-up Teleport/Sonar/Gigastudio to do this. I've tried a few things... but maybe the demo version won't allow this.

    ANYWAY... Thanks for reading this far and I can't wait to get back to making music and out of computer hell.

    P.S. I posted this on the FX-MAX site too.
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