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Topic: "The Countdown"

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    "The Countdown"

    I've returned with another song, "The Countdown." Unlike my last song, "Endless Hallway" this one is much more full in it's arrangement and quite a bit more dynamic.

    Right now my struggle is keeping the arrangement interesting without it getting too distracting or confusing. I hope that this is close to a good balance. Feel free to criticize, nitpick, etc, as I want to improve as much as possible and I know I'm not quite "there" yet.

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    Re: "The Countdown"

    By golly, you learn quickly, Daniel!

    Some very strong work, here -- good, solid writing. The pianistic filagree dialogued against woodwinds toward the last part was very well done, by the way, and did much to make the piece's energetic build so successful.

    I feel you struggling with dynamic balance and sound treatment, and to some degree tempi... but not to worry, that'll come quickly.

    I have the sense we'll be hearing much, much more from you, Daniel -- and that it's going to be good.


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    Re: "The Countdown"

    very well done, daniel...and i agree with david on everything...you're learning quickly...keep on it...composing is just like learning an instrument - you have to practice, as i see you're doing plenty of...thanks for sharing

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