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Topic: GS notebook

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    GS notebook

    Hi, I am shopping for a laptop/notebook for doing GS, GPO and Cubase SX on the run. Assuming I do the audio on an external drive, what's the best thing I can get under $1400?

    Ideal Specs:

    1GB+ Ram
    5400rpm+ drive (audio on firewire drive, let's not count that in the price)
    pci express chipset with whatever graphics (how much does graphics matter with these apps?)
    very nice screen
    DVD burner (could take or leave this)

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    Re: GS notebook

    5400rpm ???? no, no, no !

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    Re: GS notebook

    5400 is fine for your system drive, given that you'll use a 7200 rpm sample drive.

    If you run large orchestrations, RAM is the key. I use 1 GB on my desktop, but I only load the sounds that I need as I go. If you want Gozilla's template, go with 2 GB. The main thing is that the laptop needs to have the slots available.

    If you want to use GigaPulse to any degree, processing power will be the bottleneck.

    And hopefully, the PC you buy will have less junkware than a lot of the laptops out there. Expect to spend some time stripping down your machine - or reloading Windows from scratch.


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    Re: GS notebook

    You should plan on 2 gig
    You need a strong dedicated sample drive
    You need a very strong processor. Personally, I would go with 3.x mz P4 533mz memory over Pentium M. It may run hot but it will scream. See HP.

    For sample drive options, consider using external drives - research takes me into using PCMCIA either with Firewire 800 or SATA I or II drives in a RAID 0 configuration. Otherwise, you will need 1 very fast internal drive as a secondary drive in your laptop...

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