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Topic: Virtual Instruments Magazine international subs

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    Virtual Instruments Magazine international subs

    We're now set up for international subs: www.VirtualInstrumentsmag.com.

    The bad news: the rate ($36/50 year/2 years) has to be higher than the domestic rate ($12.95/20); we'd hoped to find an inexpensive way to deliver the magazine, but there just isn't a practical one. At some point we'll have enough European subs to warrant printing overseas, which will bring down the price.

    The good news: we're also offering downloadable subs for the same price as US subs. (Subscribers to the print version can download the PDF n/c.)

    The bad news: the first issue is delayed a few more days. After this we'll have to be on schedule; my apologies. I now have a deep appreciation for anyone who gets any product out the door.

    The good news: the first issue will be available for download in a few more days.

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    Re: Virtual Instruments Magazine international subs

    Oh, and we've had a few reports of rough spots with the secure payment system. Please bear with us if that happens, and let me know: nb@virtualinstrumentsmag.com.

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