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Topic: A Real Answer to Brian

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    A Real Answer to Brian

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    From the GPO Group Buy thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by Brian2112

    I hope I donít embarrass you by singling you out here . But I just want to say that in the years I have been here, it has been very evident that you are an extremely creative person. Your writings demonstrate that so well. Your humor has been brilliant. A creative mind usually lends itself to more than one art form (and they also feed on each other Ė one practice of art improves upon all others). I suspect that if you were to spend a little cash to upgrade and then get GPO, it will provide you with years of priceless enjoyment, and another creative outlet for a very creative person. I am hoping that you can hop on this. As long as you donít let yourself get discouraged, you may surprise yourself and awaken the wondrous possibilities that lurk inside your spirit. You will find encouragement and support from Gary and the entire community. I hope you will hop on board. Itís a great ride!

    Actually, my original answer was mostly true, but not the whole truth. I first started writing OT pieces a bit over a year ago. Soon you wanted to hear my music; I said youíd have to wait a very long time. Last night was the first time I really started applying a voice leading lesson I learned from Ouch That Hurts on a post here at NS. First, I used it to guide some messing around on the piano, and soon I had a half-measureís worth of music that I liked enough to write down, seven notes in all, far more than the other time I wrote something. It was fun. Then I ran through my repertoire: Chopin, Op. 28 # 7 and 20, which I have memorized; Autumn Leaves, which I now can get about halfway through before needing to read the music, though Iím still skipping the difficult long rolls. After, I tried the Moonlight again, and got ĺ of the way down the first page, a new record, before my brain hurt and I quit, though I soon went back to the now-silent keyboard to look at the chord structure of those pieces in light of Ouchís explanation. Some light crept in, but not much. This was the best musical evening in a longish while. Lately, Iíve only been averaging 3 or 4 sessions a week. Sure, Iíve been tired after long days working outside and the bike ride there and back, but I donít have much material, so thereís no real excuse.

    There are other times when I play every day. Progress is faster then, but only as a glacier is faster than a mountain. Brian, you went to Berklee. Itís a fair guess that 18 year-old Brian knew a lot more about music than I do now. It seems that most musicians got a good start by 5-10 years of age. If music was so interesting to you that you spent half the time on music that I spent watching TV, by 18 thatís a lot of time. You may have had a greater facility for music than I, so that half an hour trying to play a song you heard got you there; I still try to play by ear now and then, but often find it too difficult to enjoy. More likely still that you had both facility and interest, each feeding the other.

    Thirteen months ago I stated where my musical skills were. Tonightís report card shows only a little advance. You had it right: with passion and dedication, I might advance quickly. I have some interest instead of passion, and rather than dedication I have (a diminutive form of dedication Ė Iím sure there is such a word, but Iím also too lazy to go look it up). Thatís just for music. In the past year, passion and dedication let me carve my nicest-shooting bow yet; have another September in the wilderness, not to be traded for anything; possibly my most important invention yet and progress on older ones; try acting for the first time, enjoying it, getting a good reviews from a tough critic; try some neat, fun, and totally useless rocket designs, which may eventually work; work towards a bicycle design thatís pretty light, pretty fast, and very cool; improve the status of my weak knee; bike more and drive less; and show the world what can be done with Twinkies, 151 proof rum, and an ignition source. Iíve also killed a lot of time on NS, but thatís forgivable, isnít it?

    I'm still trying to arrange the use of a GPO-capable computer, as I'm not willing to buy one yet. Perhaps someday I'll care enough to really dive into music. Until then, I enjoy hanging out in the shallow end, the water only up to my shins.

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    Re: A Real Answer to Brian

    C'mon in....the water's great!
    I remain solely responsible for the content of my messages, and agree to indemnify and hold harmless northern sound source, and their agents with respect to any claim based upon transmission of my message(s). Rock on.

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