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Topic: reverb tutorial inf

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    reverb tutorial inf

    hi everybody do u know anything about the reverb tutorial that was on the works by dpdan? any news about it? i really need some advice about reverb and Im looking forward too much to that tutorial , thanks for any info

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    Re: reverb tutorial inf

    Dan was hard at work on this, but while studying his early reflections the mirror broke, and he has been seriously delayed picking up all the tiny pieces.


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    I can tell you that if DPDAN is writing a tutorial on reverb, it will be worth the wait. Man's nuts, GRAB EM'!
    Seriously, I can't wait myself. But in retrospect, use reverb sparingly.

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    Re: reverb tutorial inf

    Quote Originally Posted by Styxx
    use reverb sparingly.
    That's some good advice!

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    Re: reverb tutorial inf

    sure, sparingly yes, we all know that with too much reverb we can destroy a piece, but GPO samples are originally dry, at least I have used the dry samples therefore one has to add enough reverb to give the feeling of a real space and that cannot be made with just a tiny amount of reverb given that the samples have been used dry, what do ya think

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