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Topic: Moderately expensive lesson...

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    Moderately expensive lesson...

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    I learned a moderately expensive lesson the past week...

    Network switches are in no way akin to routers.

    Switches do not work for setting up home networks where you only have one IP address from your internet service provider.

    Routers are what you need if you are setting up a home network in most cases. Routers take the one IP and then they create additional IP's for each computer on the network.

    Stay away from network hubs. They are just about useless.

    So there you go. Information I give you for free, that ended up costing me 60 bucks. Its funny, I can build PC's, trouble shoot all kinds of software issues, code internet applications, but I'll be damned if I could figure all this out without cussing a blue streak at the guy at Best Buy.

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    Re: Moderately expensive lesson...


    You're right about hubs. They were a good solution when switches were too expensive. Switches are now cheap.

    Switches enable everything in a home network except for one thing: Internet connection sharing. Just give all your PCs a fixed IP address, and you're good to go. In fact, fixed IP addresses are a must, on MIDIoverLAN+ PCs.

    You can use a PC as a router. Setup one Windows machine for Internet Connection Sharing. It will take as its address. Point your other machines to that PC, and you don't need the router. But your ICS machine needs to be on to get to the Internet. Again, fixed IP addresses work well for the other machines, since you can then boot your PCs in any order.

    The router is the way to go, if you don't want to route the Internet though one of your PCs.


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    Re: Moderately expensive lesson...

    Most end user Routers are now multi functional devices, and include a Hub and Wireless access point. Too bad there isn't a print server built in too.

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    Re: Moderately expensive lesson...

    ok consider this, i want my two daws completely offline! but i want my internet PC to route to both of them only to share files. does it matter if get a router or a switch?

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