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    Hello again.

    I am not sure did I post this theme in right place.... but here it is anyway.

    I would be very happy if someone could help me (or inform me about books, videos, someone who could) about ORCHESTRAL (sample based) MUSIC PRODUCTION.

    I work so much on composition, arranging and orchestration that I somehow neglect production part. It is really important to me to be able to complete the whole product by myself until the stage of mastering.

    My questions are:

    1) Those of you who use samples with ambience and perspective, which reverb (soft plug, I suppose) do you prefer?

    Is it essencial and what it does when you combine dry samples and aforementioned? For instance, early reflections counts (ambience 1 samples+ambience 2 plugin) and we than get completely differente space? Or am I wrong?

    How to achieve constistency in ONE SPACE using samples and plugins?

    2) How much and what tweaking do you use on which instruments?
    A) Do you eq every instrument?
    B) Do you cut freq. when one or more instruments have overlapping frequencies like it's done in pop production?
    C) Are there any "default" eq's paramaters for orchestra instruments (or libraries)? For instance we always cut below 60 Hz (or even 120Hz) voice track.
    Should we do similar actions with some (and which) instruments and at what Hz (approx)?
    D) What other tweaking (exept eq) do you use frequently?

    3) What happens when you pan sample recorded already in space? We completely change stereo picture, doesn't we?

    4) What to do when some samples are completey mono-non compatibile and with phace cancelations? Narrowing stereo picture until it's ok? Or something else (exept not using the sample)...

    Thank you in advance. I highly appreciate your every effort!

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    Hello Ani,

    Regarding question 1 - what computer system are you using?



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    I've been using the EWQLSO.

    First thing to realize is that any sample library is going to be kind of like learning a whole new instrument. You have to spend hours or days of just playing with it to find it's strengths and weaknesses.

    I usually find I can blend different libraries fairly well. For instance, I might blend a GPO oboe in with my EWQLSO orch using a bit of the Ambience verb that comes with GPO. I also use the Voxengo Pristine verb, sometimes as an overall ambience depending on the effect I want.

    Today's libraries are so well recorded that I seldom do much EQ to them, but of course that would depend on what you're going for.

    Getting a convincing performance takes alot of tweaking. Don't be misled into thinking that you can just apply a midi score to the library and it will sound finished. Note on times have to be adjusted as do velocities, note lengths, keyswitch choices, etc.

    I never pan stereo samples. It destroys the ambience to my ears. If you HAVE to pan something, record your stereo track as two mono tracks and then pan to one direction by reducing the level of the opposite side. This pans the sound without completely wrecking the sound.

    Best of luck

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    1) I use the reverb included in giga2.5 (soft-sampler) which is not so good but I sometimes compensate this by using Voxengo's Pristine Space. It works with Impulses you could put any sample in any recorded space as long was you have the impulse for it. The only problem with Voxengo PS is that has a little delay. The only Impulse Reverb with no delay available is Gigapulse that is included in GigaStudio3.0 - orchestra.
    However this pluggin is going to be released has a VST soon.

    You also have to take in acount that most orchestral libraries and VST's have been recorded in a concert hall. So reverb is not primordial. Examples: Sonic Implants, project Sam and EWQL.
    PS and EWQL have 3 mic positions of each instrument that enable you do mix and control tone and ambience.

    2)Most of the libraries have a very natural sound so I don't tendo to use EQ much. However when i use it it's from giga2.5 or from a pluggin called Eqium by elemental audio.

    3)I simply don't pan it since the orchestra has been recorded in place.

    If you are looking for dry unpanned orchestral samples - VSL is for you. If not try - SI, Project Sam and EWQL.

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    Thank you guys for answers!

    Keep on writing please!

    I'll answer tomorrow... I'm in a hurry now. Just wanted to thank you.


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