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Topic: Green: Episode 5

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    Green: Episode 5

    Hi Everybody,

    I just finished the music for episode 5 of Green: Wicked Wicked Ways and I thought I would post to see what everyone thought of the music. Green is an online multimedia comic that is presented in Macromedia Flash.

    I recorded the orchestral parts with GPO and used Reason to do the drum track.

    Here's the direct link to episode 5:


    I would love to hear your suggestions and comments!

    Also Episode 3 and 4 were recorded using GPO. You can view all of the episodes by going to http://green.gutterflycomix.com

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    Re: Green: Episode 5

    Hey Gary, great job you did on this... the quicker parts have a really infectious energy to them.

    I confess I got so caught up in much of the music, though, that I have no idea what was going on in the story... lol.

    My applause!


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    Re: Green: Episode 5

    this is awesome...done perfectly - mood, tension, rhythm...very well done, gary! i look forward to the next episode...

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