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Topic: What is Gigapiano II Lite?

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    Question What is Gigapiano II Lite?

    I planning to upgrade soon from GS2.5 to GS3. Does anyone know what the difference is between the lite gpII that comes with GS3 Solo, and the full gpII that is packaged with GS3 orch? How does the new GPII compare to the orignal GP?

    Also, any thoughts on getting GS3 Orch versus getting GS3 Solo and buying a separate string library with the difference in money?

    Thanks very much for any help! I've been any from the Giga world for over a year, and I need to get back up to speed.


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    Re: What is Gigapiano II Lite?

    I think GP2-lite is 16-bits and doesn't include the GigaPulse model. I'm away from my machine right now, so I'm not sure.

    The full GP2 uses the resonance of GigaPulse. It proved the concept, and many developers are now applying it to their own pianos. You need a strong computer (2.4 GHz P4 or better) to use it.

    GP2 is very bright. Its top velocity layer is fairly metallic on some notes. I'm not a big fan of it.

    I love the PMI Bos demo that comes with GS3. It's not too dark or light. It doesn't have a huge character, but it's quite nice and usable.

    The Vienna strings that come with GS3 Orchestra sound very nice, but are quite limited. I stack the staccatos with the sustains for a very playable patch. (The sustain patches have too slow of an attack for many melodies.) If you listen closely you can hear the blend of the two patches, so this is really nice for backing strings, but is a bit sub-par for detailed programming of up front melodies. It can get the job done though.

    The other string options are SIS Lite ($449), Kirk Hunter's Concert Strings ($599), GOS ($599), or as part of Opus 1 (around $1k). (Is GOS-lite still available? It would be much cheaper, but limited.)

    If money is an issue, and you don't need to do super detailed string programming, I'd get GS3 Orchestra. You get the strings, lots of other nice samples and full use of GigaPulse. You also get lots of poly and lots of ports.

    If GigaPulse doesn't matter (slow PC?), and you want to do detailed string work, go for Solo and one of the above libs.

    Or get Orchestra, save for the high-end lib, and know that your strings will sound much better through GigaPulse. At least you can get by with the VGS strings for the short term.

    But only worry about Giga Piano II if you want a really bright piano that cuts through a mix. If you want something more neutral, subtle or dark, then GPII isn't what you're looking for.

    All the best!


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    Re: What is Gigapiano II Lite?

    Thanks very much, Jon! Yes, I want to upgrade to GS3 now, because I have a new PC (3GHz P4 w/1G of RAM). I mainly write piano pieces, and sometimes use some strings, so it sounds like the strings in GS3 Orch would suffice. I have the PMI BOS 290 piano, with my GS2.5 and have been very happy with it. I like brite pianos too, so I'm interested in the GPII.

    All of my current GS2 samples will work in GS3, right? (I'm hoping the answer is yes!) I guess they just would not be programmed to use GigaPulse.

    thanks very much,

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    Re: What is Gigapiano II Lite?

    Quote Originally Posted by VanMan
    All of my current GS2 samples will work in GS3, right? (I'm hoping the answer is yes!) I guess they just would not be programmed to use GigaPulse.

    If you have GS3 Orchestra you can use GigaPulse for ambience on the GS2 libs. The MediaVentures Live room is especially nice for pianos.



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    Re: What is Gigapiano II Lite?

    Sounds good. Thanks for the tip on using MediaVentures Live.


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