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Topic: Atmosphere Authorization - Please Spectrasonics!

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    Atmosphere Authorization - Please Spectrasonics!

    I know it has been mentioned before, but since I am a new purchaser of Atmosphere, I feel justified in mentioning that the Atomophere authorization process is just plain crappy!

    Really takes the joy out of such a fine instrument to be launched into a "tech support saga" before even getting the thing properly installed. My only free time to work lately has been weekends when tech support is closed. Sweet.

    Anyway, even though I have authorized and received a code, Atmos still asks for authorization every time I open Digital Performer. And, the authorization code input field with the invisible cursor is just nuts!

    As others have stated, I don't want to use up all my authorizations "re-authorizing". Does anyone know what the fix for this is?

    I'm on a dual G5, OSX 10.3.7

    Thanks for any help,
    G5 DP1.8 / 4 Gig / Digital Performer 4.52 / OSX 10.3.7 / Stylus RMX / Trilogy / Atmosphere

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    Re: Atmosphere Authorization - Please Spectrasonics!

    Authorization is pretty straightforward...Did you download the latest version of the AU plug-in?

    No worries about "using up" your authorizations. Keep trying with the latest plug.

    If the site doesn't allow you to authorize for some reason, PM me your info and I'll reset your account.

    We'll get you up and running...no worries :-)


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    Re: Atmosphere Authorization - Please Spectrasonics!


    I am authorizing it as a VST plugin using Audioease VST wrapper. I am doing so because I heard there were problems using Digital Performer with the AU plugin. There are many postings about this on the MOTU "unicornation" forum.

    Anyway, I used up another authorization - which gave me the same auth code. However, the auth code input box from Atomsphere does not have "focus" and there is no input box cursor. So, I can not paste the auth code in.

    I did manage to manually and correctly type in the auth code, which does not seem to authorize Atmos properly. I continue to get the authorization box every time I start Digital Performer.

    I did notice some posts on this forum about this very situation, but did not see a solution.

    So, although it may be very straightforward, this guy (who has made his living as a PC tech and multimedia programmer since 1991) is baffled.
    G5 DP1.8 / 4 Gig / Digital Performer 4.52 / OSX 10.3.7 / Stylus RMX / Trilogy / Atmosphere

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    Re: Atmosphere Authorization - Please Spectrasonics!

    Sorry, further information:

    I am using Atmos VST 1.2

    I noticed that the Challenge code listed in the Atmos authorization box does not match the email I received from Spectrasonics for both attempts at authorization. In the email it says "The Challenge code you sent us was: (the number). This does not match the CC listed on the screen box. This number was cut-pasted into your web form.
    G5 DP1.8 / 4 Gig / Digital Performer 4.52 / OSX 10.3.7 / Stylus RMX / Trilogy / Atmosphere

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    Re: Atmosphere Authorization - Please Spectrasonics!

    I'll bet you're using the "Copy Challenge" button in the auth screen and then pasting it into the webpage, aren't you?

    Well, don't. This built-in copy mechanism's output seems totally spurious, for some reason, and doesn't match the actual challenge code you see in the auth screen. (Try pasting into a new TextEdit page and you'll see what I mean). The Response code you get back from this spurious challenge code won't authorise Atmosphere. I had exactly the same problems when I tried to install Atmosphere and Trilogy some months ago.

    And this was on a weekend, too, when I'd planned to use both instruments in an urgent project. And couldn't. Had to improvise. Eventually, though, Specs' tech support very kindly sorted out my loopy authorisations count :-)

    But in the meantime, forget about that "Copy" button and type your code into the webpage the old-fashioned way. That way you'll get an authorisation Response that WILL work :-)

    Good luck!

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    Re: Atmosphere Authorization - Please Spectrasonics!

    Right on the money Dave! I did figure it out last night. And, it can be proven by:

    1. Note the challenge code on the screen.
    2. Click "copy challenge" button.
    3. Paste the code into text editor.
    4. Compare with the code on screen.
    Not the same!

    So, essentially you are burning up your authorizations, trying to authorize a module with a bad challenge code. I have an email into Spectrasonics to reset my authorization count.

    Gee, only took 4 hours to get Atmosphere installed. The synth is so beautiful and easy to use, I think they should devote the entire manual to the install workarounds!

    Thanks for the information and most of all - the confirmation of this bug.
    G5 DP1.8 / 4 Gig / Digital Performer 4.52 / OSX 10.3.7 / Stylus RMX / Trilogy / Atmosphere

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    Re: Atmosphere Authorization - Please Spectrasonics!

    Interesting - I never had a problem with this process - although I authorized as AU for DP. The copy paste challenge-response has worked flawlessly for me in 3 PC authorizations and 2 Mac (OS9 as VST and OSX) - I never have used Atmosphere under OS9, but I;ve had no problems under OSX.

    Sorry you're having problems, but don't worry about you authorization 'count', it's not like NI, Spectrasonics lets you install on every machine of your own that you wish, no reasonable limits.
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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    Re: Atmosphere Authorization - Please Spectrasonics!

    I also authorised as an AU in DP. I try not to use VST Wrapper if at all possible.

    It's interesting that this auth screen copy bug only affects some people. I have come across others it happened to. But most users report no problems.

    I wonder if the spurious code might be for Mac OS 9 use? And only surfaces if you have a bootable Mac OS 9 install on your machine (not Classic)?

    Who knows? At least I know how to deal with it in future. Actually, next time I do a reinstall, I'll make a screen movie that shows it in action.

    Anyway, glad you're up and running, Bill.

    Kind regards.

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    Re: Atmosphere Authorization - Please Spectrasonics!

    Given that Spectrasonics' authorization policy is probably the most generous in the business, I was wondering:

    How exactly does one go about "using up" an (essentially) unlimited authorization?

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    Re: Atmosphere Authorization - Please Spectrasonics!

    A new purchaser of Atmosphere or Trilogy wouldn't be aware of that enlightened policy, would they?

    Kind regards.

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