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Topic: Was Lucas on drugs??

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    Unhappy Was Lucas on drugs??

    Ok, I seriously don't know how this ever made it's way past.....well, anybody. I'm talking about the "Star Wars: Holiday Special", released about a year after "A New Hope". As a Star Wars fan myself, I can't find words to express my horror. Apparently Lucas himself tried to buy back all the master copies of the film and destroy them because they were so bad. Anyway, here's a very short edit of the film which will give you an idea of what the full version is like and at the same time make you sympathize with those unsuspecting viewers who first witnessed this atrocity back in '78.

    WARNING: The following video may forever tarnish your memories of Star Wars, and in some cases, may arouse a great deal of hatred toward Lucas and anyone else associated with the production of this...eh...blemish of the Star Wars franchise.

    Star Wars: Holiday Special

    On the plus side, now Episodes I & II look brilliant!

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    Re: Was Lucas on drugs??

    Oh my God!!!!! Freakin' hilarious, incredibly sad, and totally predictable in concept, though I can see why George Lucas is trying so hard to get it 'erased.'

    Still, at the time, he had a huge financial burden he was recovering from, I imagine the Kenner spin-offs made him a moderate taste.

    But still, things I didn't see, but could have - the Wookettes, an R2D2/3CPO tap soft-shoe/no-shoe duet to "On The Good Ship Millenium Falcon..."

    But we did get to see the Cal Worthington of that other galacy far, far away. ("If I cain't sell yew one of these here Star Wars Action Figures, I'll eat a Correlian wasp-."

    But that's the problem with being a droid - you do what you're programmed to. They were forced to betray their creator and recite commercial pitches by the reprogrammer, the evil CEO of the planet of Kenner! Hahahahahaaaa...

    Thanks for posting that, mscmixer. Made my day.
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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    Re: Was Lucas on drugs??

    I own a boot of this and have unfortunately seen it in its entirety. You who only see a short clip have no concept- NONE- of the horror that this is. Entire minutes of scenes in Wookie-speak with no subtitles. A Wookie named "Lumpy". Bea Arthur sings. Jefferson Starhip sings (into big glowing- lord, let's not go there). Carrie Fischer (who seems to have consumed more cannabis than the entire crowd at a Dead concert) sings. Mark Hammil wearing more makup then Divine. (He doesn't sing though). Art Carney with his shirt open. Harvey Korman in drag- not just any drag, ROBOT drag. I just can't go on.

    BTW, they don't have Christmas in the SW universe. It's "Lifeday".

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    Re: Was Lucas on drugs??

    YUUUUUUKKKK what creation of evil was that???

    The point is... how did they convince the actors to do that?????

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    Re: Was Lucas on drugs??

    Quote Originally Posted by Ivan P
    how did they convince the actors to do that?????
    Contracts... money... need we say more?
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    Re: Was Lucas on drugs??

    Yes... self-respect??

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    Re: Was Lucas on drugs??

    Yikes! I may have been a bit of a Star Wars nut over the last xx years, but that...... that was just painful.
    "AAAAUUUUGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!" -- Charlie Brown

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    Re: Was Lucas on drugs??

    Oh man was that good for a laugh! I can't believe it, I never was a really big SW fan, but that was sick! I thought all the new movies in the series ate it, but this is nasty! Thanks for sharing, now it opens my eyes a little more to the whole movie machine. Ciao!

    Captain Hook (if you see Pan let me know!)

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    Re: Was Lucas on drugs??

    HAHAHA! That was awesome. It was so bad that I either had to be offended by it or laugh at it, so I chose the latter. Man, I can't believe that someone actually created that crap. I know kinda want to watch the whole thing just out of curiousity, but judging for the reaction of those who've seen it all, and the fact that I could barely watch all of the short clip, I think I'll pass... Plus it would probably be nearly impossible to find a copy anyways.

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    Re: Was Lucas on drugs??

    Weird. I've compared shots of Mark Hamill from a new DVD of "A New Hope" with the guy in this mov. It doesn't seem to be Mark Hamill in this short. Are there other excerpts?


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