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Topic: My first song... uhm... test

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    My first song... uhm... test

    Hi people, here i am, with my first test!

    It is my version of The Simpsons theme and it's only 30 seconds!
    I know it is a waste of space, but i made this in 30 minutes to see what GPO could do. It's very easy to use, it sounds great and it's very fun to do! This demo doesn't takes GPO to the limit, but it is not using 1% of what GPO actually can do. It is very simple, i know... it is not using many instruments... if i remember 9, but just keep in mind that this is only a test, i made it in 30 minutes and i'm now working on a serious piece of music!



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    Re: My first song... uhm... test

    Hey JAB,

    Good start, man. Solid and accurate. As you become familiar with GPO it will only get better!

    Good luck,
    John Hawksley
    Composition & Arrangement

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    Re: My first song... uhm... test

    Nice one JAB - made me smile - could see the figures as I was listening. As John says, the more you practice the more you uncover. GPO has some great features.


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    Re: My first song... uhm... test

    Thanks for your reply John!

    I'm now working on a complete song called: Love March. This song is about 95% complete and i think that it is beautiful! But about my Simpsons theme, it actually is a very funny theme, because you can do so much variations on it. If you listen to the original theme, it is a saxophone solo, then a polka, then classic, it is great! But thanks for your reply!

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