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Topic: Love March

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    Love March

    Hello people,

    Here i am again with my first real song with GPO! I am very proud of it, and for a newbie, this is really something great! But let me explain the song a little:

    Love March is a march song, that has some sort of a love theme. But halfway through the song, that theme goes from march to a romantic filmscore version!
    Then comes the typical cliché finale what you hear in the end of every fairytale!

    One little hint: If you listen carefully you hear 2 times throughout the song, another song. Post the anwser if you know it!

    But now i proudly present to you: Love March!
    Feel free to post any comments!


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    Hi J.A.B.
    really nice composition!!
    For being your first composition, this piece is really good.
    But I can't recognize the second song you said.
    Anyway this is a lovely piece, so go on and produce more beautiful song with your Orchestra .
    Best of luck,

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    Re: Love March

    Thanks beach!

    I won't spoil it for anyone so... the second song is gonna be a secret!
    But i also find it a lovely piece if i may say so. But i thought the timpani was a little to loud at some places. But thanks for your reply!

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    Re: Love March

    "I crossed over borders but I'm still there now!" I heard that right away. I promise not to give anything more away for anyone else who wants to guess the song .

    This is absolutely lovely, J.A.B. Welcome to the fold. We're a jolly bunch of people and everyone here gives excellent and inspiring criticism. Or at least has something nice to say in general

    I can't wait to hear more of your work.

    - Michael
    - Michael Fortunato

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    Re: Love March

    Thank you mfortunato! I'm busy working on a western adventure piece called Western Adventures. But thanks for the lovely comments!

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    Re: Love March

    Lovely! I particularly enjoyed your percussion writing.

    One observation is that you might want to experiment with the VAR function and also dynamic shaping to avoid the "machine gun" effect.

    That horn line is fantastic btw.

    The little voices in my head are singing four-part harmony.

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