I posted these messages/questions on another board. Thought I'd try here, too. Can anyone help?


Currently, in Kontakt 2, if I want to access many different "articulations" of a given instrument (say trombone), the only ways to do that in Kontakt are the following:
1) Build a massive multi-articulation keyswitched instrument...a big one might have 24 KS, for example.
2) Use something in Kontakt2 (new for K2) called an "instrument bank." Into this, you can load up to 128(!) different "articulations" of a given instrument that are accessed via program change. This is a bit like the old hardware banks, I think. This is a great tool, but you are limited to FOUR of these in Kontakt, each of which takes up a whole midi port....all 16 channels. (Think this has to do with how program changes are "read.")

Anyway, I'd like to have 20-30 of these K2 "instrument banks," one for each orchestral instrument, more or less. But...K2 is limited to four.

Is something like a K2 "instrument bank" available in Logic? And can there be 20-30 of them, each one receiving on a separate midi channel?


Let's assume for the moment that exporting midi to another sequencer is not where I want to go. If I wish, I can currently do that w/o Logic, so I'm trying to find out if Logic can do this other thing for me.

The new Kontakt2 allows something called an "instrument bank." It uses up a whole port (16 midi channels), but you can load it with up to 128 different sounds (articulations) to be accessed via program change messages from your midi sequencer. (Note that I only send program change midi messages via the sequencer...not from a keyboard.) The problem is that an "instrument bank" takes up a whole port, and since there are only FOUR ports available in Kontakt2, you could only have four instrument banks, each receiving on the first channel of the port (A1, B1, C1, D1). For some pieces this is fine, but not for larger configurations.

You can get around the IAC limitation of only 16 channels of midi by using a program like MidiPatchbay or Bidule. In these apps, you can create as many virtual ports as you want and connect them to anything that's in the system....kind of like IAC COULD be if the multiple port implementation actually worked. (I'm curious to see want the new midi stuff in Tiger is capable of. Someone said that the "one port/16 channel" IAC limitation may have been lifted.)

I understand that WHAT you can load into Logic will be limited by your rig and the size of your samples. What I'm trying to find out is, I guess, the following:

1) What are the limitations regarding the number of instances of the EXS? Could you have 20? 30? Is there an application limit on this?

2) Within each instance of EXS, how many sample slots are available...how many different samples can be loaded and accessed via program changes?