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Topic: Implementing release samples in GIGA editor

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    Exclamation Implementing release samples in GIGA editor

    Hello Forum,
    1) I would like to use the release portion of my samples to create added realism in GIGA Studio Orchestra. I will create a new .wav file from the original sample. I do not like the default "envelope off" curve as it does not simulate the real acoustic response of my sampled instrument. This must be turned off.
    2)I need to automatically trigger the release file for every note on the MIDI "note off" standard command, key switching will not work here. The only keys used are the keys to play the notes in performance. (music) My real time MIDI controller is played as the real acoustic instrument, hit a key to sound a note and release for the note to stop. I modulate only the expression cc11 with bellow control for the dynamic output sound level.
    3)The tool "Advanced Release trigger" is mentioned under imidi, and they mention "velocity tracking". It would be beneficial if the system would track the amplitude of the sample before using the "release sample" on the note off command.

    Does anyone know how to set this up properly, or if GIGA can handle this application, the manual is vague at best.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Implementing release samples in GIGA editor


    Got your PM's.
    Hope you got my email

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