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Topic: Kompact-Player to Kontact-2, Where does cc11 go?

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    Kompact-Player to Kontact-2, Where does cc11 go?

    Hi everyone,

    I asked this question at Soundonline but thought I'd ask it here aslo.

    When you load a Kompact Player "multi" into Kontact-2, what control (knob, slider, etc.) is cc-11 controling?

    To better try explain myself (for me not easy to do) let me put it this way.

    Useing Sonar-4-Pro and Gold with the Kompact Player, I record lets say 8 midi tracks, all useing cc-11 for Vol (or expression) and then save the Kompact Player as a multi.

    Then in the same Sonar program I delete the Kompact player, select Kontact-2 as a VST and import the Kompact multi into Kontact-2.

    When I play back the Sonar midi tracks, all the cc-11 controlers seem to be working in Kontact-2 the same as they did in the Kompact player. The question is, what control (knob, slider, ect.) is the cc-11 controling? It's not the main Volume in the header and it's not the Volume in the Amplifier.

    I'm beginning to think that this control is not only hidden but maybe unaccessible. If there is a way to access this control I would sure like to know because it would be very usefull.

    I don't know if I've expressed my question properly or not but if anybody has any ideas it would be appreciated.

    T. S.

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    Re: Kompact-Player to Kontact-2, Where does cc11 go?

    I wish someone would answer this question -- after having been persuaded by the garritan camp that cc#11 was the most-loved way to add expressive changes, now it doesn't work in kontakt 2.....

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    Re: Kompact-Player to Kontact-2, Where does cc11 go?

    Hi gugliel,

    I don't know anything about GPO and it's Kontact player but I do have Gold and it's associated Kompact player and I think they are probably fairly close to being alike.

    Although cc11 is called expression (which conjures up many things in my mind) I realy think all it is, is another volume control. From what I understand is if you have the main volume (cc7) set at 0.0 db (in midi 127)then cc11 functions just like a main volume control (in midi 0 to 127). However if the main volume (cc7) is adjusted to be half way down (in midi 64) then cc11 acts more like a finer volume control with cc7 setting the upper threashold and cc11 adjusting (0 to 127) within this range of 64 being the most.

    However it's sill a mystery where cc11 goes when you load a Gold instrument because cc11 still seems to function but there is no "knob or slider" that seems to be associated with it. Big Bob has a post that maybe addresses this issue called "My first dumb question?".

    One way around this (which you may know about) is to make sure in the group edit that you have everything selected and then hit "Auto" in the Brouser section. Clicking on the right hand side it brings up all the controlers and I usually drag the cc11 over to the "Amplifier" volume knob. I think this basicaly gives you the same thing.

    Like I've said before, I'm not good at explaining things but hope I may have helped.

    T. S.

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    Re: Kompact-Player to Kontact-2, Where does cc11 go?

    thank you, ts, very clear explanation, and most appreciated.

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