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Topic: Newbie Stylus RMX question

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    Newbie Stylus RMX question

    I just got Stylus RMX and love it. I was wondering if there were acoustic type kits or loops that would be good for use in blues/rock/r&b songs.

    It looks like Liquid Grooves or Backbeat has them but I was wondering if in the close to 7GB library I *already* have, there was stuff I could begin using for my songs.

    Thanks much,


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    Re: Newbie Stylus RMX question

    Most, if not all of the core library is really designed to be used as a Remix tool (thus the name). Not that it can't be put to 101 other uses, but acoustic drum grooves wouldn't be one of those uses, although there are a few lo-fi acoustic loops sprinkled throughout.

    You're way better off adding Backbeat to your collection. It's Acoustic drums, playing rock, pop and blues.

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    Re: Newbie Stylus RMX question

    Thanks Jaimo. Do you run a studio here in NashVegas? I'm in Bellevue.


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