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Topic: Interesting invention...

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    Interesting invention...

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    Re: Interesting invention...

    Very cool. Gotta get one. If they can make it more hydrodynamic, it will really speed up my times in the 200m fly.

    BTW, my Masters swim coach holds the current world record for the 100m fly in the 65-69 age class. Just this past Saturday, he swam the 50m fly in a 50m pool, taking only one breath at the 2/3 point. (He figures that each breath costs him 1/3 second.) I'm not so brave. I took five or six breaths, and he beat me by over two seconds, even though I'm 20 years his junior!

    Must... grow... gills...


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    Re: Interesting invention...

    I wonder how bulky/heavy those things are. Wait...does it say on the site? Don't know...didn't read it.


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    Re: Interesting invention...

    Quote Originally Posted by JonFairhurst
    Must... grow... gills...

    Or just really encourage your coach not to take that one breath. I have a feeling you'd beat him, if he decides not to.
    "They get what they vote for." PaulR

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