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Topic: Atmos install recap for Tiger

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    Atmos install recap for Tiger


    I thought that perhaps it might be a good idea to have a post listing ALL the steps to be followed chronologically to install Atmosphere, including the "pro app 10.4 fix" that seems to have been part of some success with Atmosphere on Tiger for some.

    Of course, it would be helpfyl to me as I am forgetting what process I followed in 10.3 in the first place and I'd like to upgrade to Tiger ...but as there wasn't any such recap to be found anywhere and I remember it being a somewhat confusing process... it might be a goood idea for all...!


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    Re: Atmos install recap for Tiger

    If you have already installed Atmosphere once on OSX, you should just transfer the .dat file and latest plug-in to the correct folder on the new system (like Components for AU and VST for VST, etc)

    This is much, MUCH faster than going through a reinstall with the original CDs and the joiner and all of that stuff.


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    Re: Atmos install recap for Tiger

    Thanks Eric, just to make sure I understand you correctly, you mean I should deal only with the .dat file EVEN if I've made a fresh install of Tiger? (as opposed to a basic update)


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    Re: Atmos install recap for Tiger

    yes...the .dat file is the .dat file.

    Just download the plug-in updater from the site to make sure that is installed correctly, but simply copying the .dat file will save you a lot of time.


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