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Topic: Problems.. Ableton, spectrasonics or Maudio

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    Problems.. Ableton, spectrasonics or Maudio

    I recently moved so therefore I had to unplug everything and then hook it up again... Now for some reason.. When I open a saved track with MIDI (in this case Stylus or Atmosphere) it wont play, nor can I tweak it, nor can I use the Modulation and Pitch wheel.... So I did a test.. I opened up a new track, put Stylus in, ( midi switch is on) it still wont play but all the beats are laid out sperately on my keyboard... Before this all happened, I was able to put in a stylus kit or a atmosphere kit and play it, tweak it, and everything while it was playing steadily.....

    Is there something I am overlooking.... this is very frustrating and depressing, cause I have projects do and cant finish none of them....

    Thanks in advance for your help

    specs--Maudio radium keyboard
    Audiophile 2496

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    Re: Problems.. Ableton, spectrasonics or Maudio

    I don't knwo what it is from your description.

    I'd recommend calling tech support.


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