A week ago, I had a big problem with DP 4.12 in that I could work in the present file, but could not open any previous DP file. The current file I was working in was showing 50% CPU usage when everything was "at rest." No playback, record or any other function being used. This, I discovered when I began to hear crackles and pops so I checked the Performance meter to see if my CPU was maxing out.

The problem was reported to MOTU, but they haven't been able to help me to date. I can boot DP 4.12, but cannot open or create any files without getting an error notice that, "the file could not be loaded from disk." I was advised to get rid of GPO then reinstall it to see if the problem was with DP or the GPO instruments. Sometimes, when loading, one may not load and cause a problem witht the host sequencer. I haven't had this problem, but I don't know what's going on in the background. I'm not a computer guru like many on the list.

Anyway, my question is, on my Mac, what else do I have to "trash" besides the Garritan Personal Orchestra folder, the GPO Library folder and the GPO Extras folder BEFORE I reinstall GPO a second time. And, I hope I don't have any NI problems, because I want my second install to be on my PC. At present, I have only used GPO on my Mac.

Thanks for any suggestions.