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Topic: 14th Amendment Violation?

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    14th Amendment Violation?

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    I hope this thread does not become yet another discussion of Pro-Life vs Pro-choice...that is not my intention and I think that topic has been addressed enough where everyone knows where everyone else stands (if not, do a search).

    In this news story (http://www.channel3000.com/news/4577721/detail.html) a Texas man was sentanced to life in prison for killing his girlfriend's unborn babies with her help and cooperation. The kicker is that the story says that the woman could not be prosecuted due to her right to an abortion, even though she admitted to helping end the pregnancy and requested her boyfriend's help.

    Clearly this is a 14th Amendment issue...either the babies were killed or they were lawfully aborted, different standards cannot be applied due to the of the parent.

    I wouldn't be suprised if this conviction is overturned upon appeal.
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    Re: 14th Amendment Violation?

    It's hard for me to think about the legalities of such an ugly story. This is like a bad Jerry Springer act. These people sound like they need remedial education more than jail.

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    Re: 14th Amendment Violation?

    I agree on the either/or principle of it. While it may be considered abortion on her part, aren't there rules for when you terminate, or how you terminate, etc., that could come into play? I couldn't imagine someone killing their child at, say, 8 months, by beating themselves repeatedly, and getting away with it.

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    Re: 14th Amendment Violation?

    I'm sorry, but that's really messed up. So my question is, if she had managed to cause herself to miscarry without his help? Would you still not be able to prosecute her? I mean, if she can't be prosecuted because of her right to an abortion, then technically wasn't he just helping her have an abortion? If he is guilty of murder she has to be guilty of it too. But if she was just "having an abortion" then I don't see how you can find him guilty of murder. It just doesn't make any sense...

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    Re: 14th Amendment Violation?

    As my Dad says, we have a system of law, not a system of justice.


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