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Topic: UltraFocus Mobile Nightmare

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    Angry UltraFocus XP SP2 Nightmare

    i've spent the whole wasted day tryin to install
    the UltraFocus on my notebook
    an ACER 8101.
    This is my way of---

    1)copied the 2 .dat files on a NTFS partition (25 GB) made on aN EXTERNAL
    usb lacie hard drive (160 GB) 7200 (nor 4200 as the one installed on my
    2)TRIED... sooooo many times to install with the window's installer....and always had a crash durin the installation...

    3)Tried to install newly from a Desktop Pc (xp pro no sp1 no sp2)
    where since march ULTRAFOCUS...works!!!
    on it the dat files are copied in the vst plugins...on C:

    no installer's crashes---

    i presume this is the problem
    no installation no presets......

    maybe it doesn't work on external drives...
    NOW...why my installer crashed on the note and not on the desktop pc?
    how to do for UltraFocus recognizin and locatin the files?

    please...i need
    to understand why

    tried also on different pc with SP2 installed

    the Installer doesn't reach its end.....

    so it is an sp2 incompatibility?

    also 1.1 update acts the same


    i need to know it 'cause i'm planning to buy from a friend of mine
    which gently allow me to try it before...
    but if i can't install it...you know....

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    Re: UltraFocus Mobile Nightmare

    I am having similar problems. Interesting observation about SP2, I do not think I had that installed when I originally installed it successfully. I don't have time to figure it out at the moment. I hope you can though. It's a shame because it really is a great instrument, but not worth the pain of this installer.

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    Re: UltraFocus Mobile Nightmare

    I've read that some SP2 problems are related to viruses, trojans, or adware.

    Have you scanned for such things lately?


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    Re: UltraFocus Mobile Nightmare

    I had major problems installing Ultra focus as well. After numerous attempts I noticed that the two huge .dat files were read only. After I changed their properties (right click on the file in windows) and unchecked read only all of my presets magically appeared and all was well.

    Of course a few weeks later I read a review of Ultrafocus in a trade magazine and they mentioned the same problem. Wish I had read it sooner!

    Hope this helps some of you.

    All the very best,


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