For your entertainment (and perhaps education as to the wonderful versatility of the mighty tuba) I humbly provide a link to my arrangement of Tchaikovsky’s Op 71a Nutcracker Suite (all seven movements and 23 minutes) arranged for tuba quartet –actually 2 Euphoniums and 2 Tubas.

Please listen to the MP3s, which use the VSL OPUS 1 tuba. All four parts are the Tuba, which has been stretched in GigaStudio to accommodate the higher Euphonium parts. In the not to far distant future VSL has promised a Euphonium and I’m eagerly looking forward to that day. I have the Dan Dean Euphonium buy find it virtually unusable.

To see the score (which is on the SibeliusMusic website) you may have to download the free “Scorch” software but hopefully you can access the MP3, which is toward the bottom of the page, without it.

Part 1 consists of the Overture and the Waltz of the flowers (and is the best and shortest part of you can only bare to listen to one part)

And Part two is the five characteristic dances.

The actual rendition is very basic I’m afraid the only tweaking being done in Sibelius. I’m not offering this up as an example of top notch rendering but just as a bit of fun.