So, I didn't find much of a clear answer in the forum, hence this topic.

I'm running Giga 2.54 on a XP server with 2 gig of memory and about 1.7 P4. I'm about to receive GPO, and I am deciding on purchasing ATMOSPHERE along with V_STACK as a wrapper.


What instruments and FX are you running on your servers, and how do you have them configured?

Putting processor speed aside, what should I expect can run on a server at once? For example, with 4 ports of midi and a delta 66 can I run both GPO and ATMOSPHERE on the same machine? Or even GIGA, GPO, and ATMOSPHERE? Or will they conflict? (GIGA stream driver installed on boot may grab everything?)

Can I also get away with installing SIRS, or gigapulse in the same V_STACK?

Trying to get away from using additional stand alone hardware, and I am not sure my lovely win98 1.6mz 2gig daw is strong enough to run iVST.