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Topic: PMI SUPER Group Buy

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    PMI SUPER Group Buy

    Post Musical Instruments is pleased to start the PMI Super Group Buy

    Yes, it's time for the second PMI Group Buy on Northern Sounds. The first PMI Group Buy was a huge success and ended with over 750 buyers, reaching the lowest price in just 10 days! This time we have extra benefits beside a crazy discount: a free multi-format disk with scaled-down versions of 2 PMI pianos for all buyers, a COUPON that gives you 25% on future purchases, free copies of a new exciting magazine VIRTUAL INSTRUMENTS and a crazy referral full refund.

    The PMI SUPER Group Buy Products

    the ultimate grand piano collection with 7 superior grand pianos, harpsichords, prepared piano and more. There is nothing better on the market today!
    Included are :
    - Old Lady and EMPEROR grand pianos
    - Grandioso Steinway D and Bosendorfer 290 grand pianos
    - Yamaha C7 conservatory grand and Estonia Grand
    - Piano Suite: Pristine Piano, Prepared Pianos, Orchestral Instruments
    - A unique Fortepiano + 3 harpsichords

    Total value: over $ 875


    13 essential PMI libraries:
    - PMI PIANO SUITE: Orchestral Instruments, Steinway D, Prepared Piano (Full version),
    ORGANS :
    THEATER ORGAN* (17 ranks), POSITIF ORGAN* (2 ranks), ITALIAN ORGAN* (5 stops), SOLO ORGAN INSTRUMENTS* (16 stops), ORGAN TUTTI* (14 stops), CONCERTGEBOUW ORGAN* (35 stops) & SIMULATED ORGANS* (26 stops)
    PMI HISTORIC KEYBOARDS: Fortepiano, French & Flemish Harpsichords and a Virginal

    Total value: over $ 995

    Both products are available for GigaStudio 2 or 3, Kontakt 1 and 2 and EXS24. You can choose your favorite format.

    PMI SUPER Group Buy Rules

    Start: June 8, 2005
    Duration: 1 month. It ends on July 8, 2005
    Terms and conditions.
    * to join the Group Buy it is necessary to pay an entry fee of $180.00 USD which is the minimum amount the product will cost you;
    * Based on the number of buyers reached at the end of the group buy you may need to make an additional payment (see table below). The final payment will be the difference between the entry fee and the final group buy price. The final price is shown on the table below and depends on the amount of buyers that will take part in the Group Buy;
    * By paying the entry fee, you agree to wait until July 9th to receive a link for the final payment. Only after we receive this payment, we will ship the products;
    * A shipping fee of $12 will be charged and is added to the entry fee payment;
    * Both the entry fee and the final payment constitute a purchase. We will not issue any refunds;
    * You can download, install, and try the demo versions of the Old Lady and Emperor before ordering and you can find lots of high quality MP3 audio demos there too.
    * Naturally you can buy both products, buy more copies for your musical friends or add more products with a steep discount to your shopping cart while you are ordering;
    * If you bring in 5 new buyers to this Group Buy, you pay nothing at all for your Group Buy Bundle; we'll refund your purchase! See details below;
    * Personal information is retained. Any and all information you provide is kept for the purpose of handling your order only, it will remain confidential and your information will not be used to send unsolicited mail. Your privacy is respected;
    * All transactions in our on-line store are transmitted securely through SSL. Information about the security is available here. Payment options include all major credit cards (Visa, Master and AmEx) as well as PayPal.

    Here’s how the PMI SUPER Group Buy Works
    A Group Buy is a limited-time special offer where many prospective buyers have the opportunity to buy a product in bulk and get steep discounts based on the number of buyers purchasing. As the quantity of purchases goes up the cost of a product goes down. As certain levels of group sizes are reached, the price of the product goes down further - even on all orders that have already been placed. Therefore, products will not be shipped until the final price is determined and the SUPER Group buy has come to an end.

    As soon as 80 people join this Super Group Buy you pay just $ 180 for 8 incredible piano libraries that were awarded 5 out of 5 stars by leading music magazines around the world. That is far less than some other some libraries would cost you alone! If you joined the first PMI Group Buy and purchased the Old Lady for $ 80, than this is your chance to get the remaining 7 pianos for just $ 180.

    The original price of these products is $450 USD each. See this table to see how the discount will be when the group buy ends with a certain amount of buyers.

    An example:
    Imagine we have reached just 70 buyers on July 8: the discount would still be 50% and the final price (entry fee + final payment) would be $225.00 USD, so the final payment due would be $45.00 USD.
    Remember: after 80 people join you pay nothing more than $180.

    Click here to join the PMI SUPER Group Buy NOW!

    EXTRA PMI SUPER Group Buy Benefits

    This time we have more benefits than just the steep 60 % discount :

    - all group buyers will receive a PMI Group Buy coupon which gives you an opening-discount of 25% on all products in our new on-line store that is opening this summer. We will release a line of new products this summer and you can get them with an attractive discount this way;

    - all first few hundred group buyers will get a free copy of VIRTUAL INSTRUMENTS magazine's 1th issue, the new exciting magazine for every musician with a computer (as long as our stock lasts);

    - All group buyers get the free LIMITED EDITION disk of the Old Lady and Emperor http://www.postpiano.com/musictech_b...n/image015.jpg. This disk contains 300 MB versions of these two great pianos (multi-format) that are very efficient sketch-pad pianos (with just a few velocity layers);

    - The Referral Refund: Your chance to get these bundles for free. Here is how it works. When you place your Group Buy order you immediately receive an order confirmation from us with your unique order confirmation number. When you convince 5 others to join the PMI Super Group Buy and have them enter your unique order confirmation number in the remarks field of their order form, we will refund your order! You’ll have your order for free! This requires that all referred buyers, complete their transactions.

    - The first PMI Group Buy involved the OLD LADY and EMPEROR piano library and ended with over 750 buyers! Since we did this first group buy on Northern Sounds other group buys have broken this record. So chances are pretty high that the maximum discount will be reached and you don’t have to pay any more than $ 180.

    Click here to join the PMI SUPER Group Buy NOW!

    About the PMI SUPER GROUP BUY Products

    You can find the full PIANO MAGIC product details and demos on this PIANO MAGIC webpage

    You can find the full CONSOLIDATED! product details and demos on this CONSOLIDATED! webpage.

    About the libraries:
    This library brings you an incredible Bösendorfer 290 SE as the most realistic sample library available today. The piano has a huge dynamic range, with very subtle pianissimo and thunderous fortissimi. 12 recorded velocity layers, with 12 separate sustain pedal down layers and release triggered samples.
    This library brings you an amazing Model 1923 Steinway D grand piano. Sampled with 10 recorded velocity layers with 10 separate sustain pedal down layers and release triggered samples.
    The recorded pianos for OLD LADY and EMPEROR were equipped with an advanced computer operated playback mechanism that was designed by mathematician, scientist and inventor Wayne Stahnke. The mechanism actually operates the piano keys and pedals with over 1.000 steps accuracy for inverse hammer velocity. The Stancke computer system enabled Amsterdam based sample library producer Michiel Post to capture each velocity layer for this library with absolute velocity levels. These levels guarantee a totally even response across the whole keyboard for all velocities. The programming of this piano is designed to take full advantage of the possibilities of the new GigaStudio 3 software. This results in more programmed velocity layers. The Emperor has 24 recordings for each key. These recordings were further divided in 64 velocity groups, each a slight variation of the underlying velocity layer sample.
    These libraries use a new programming to create the sustain pedal effect. Traditionally, conventional piano libraries use the sustain pedal as an ON-OFF switch, which has to be pressed before a note is played. These libraries lacked the possibility to re-pedal as in a real concert grand piano. Now this barrier has been broken. The PMI EMPEROR & OLD LADY libraries allow the user to press the sustain pedal at any time while playing notes or chords to start the sympathic resonance of the non-struck strings. There is a choice of convolution using the impulse response of the body resonance of the actual piano and a programming technique that adds the recorded resonance as an extra layer. GigaPulse (the convolution engine in GigaStudio 3) is also used for recreation of the original acoustics of the piano hall where the pianos were recorded.
    * Special features for GigaStudio 3 and Kontakt 2: Body resonance for reproduction of the true body resonance upon sustain pedal use, Hall resonance, true re-pedalling, sustain pedal triggered pedal noise etc.

    Bosendorfer 290
    This Bösendorfer library provides the greatest possible control during the softest pianissimo, through crescendos to the reserves of power needed for the loudest fortissimo. By utilizing new technology to optimise the mechanical performance of the action, Post Musical Instruments has created a product which leaves the pianist in total control of dynamic response, timbre and touch. PMI has finally captured a grand piano with "breath". They recorded both dry samples and ambient samples. The dry samples are recorded fairly close to the piano strings. The wet samples are recorded at a distance so that the hall acoustic is captured. You can experience a concert hall type of sound and control the amount of ambience until you play it absolutely dry.
    Several Gigabytes of samples, up to 16 recorded layers of velocity, separate sustain pedal up and down samples, multiple release samples... separate "dry" and "wet" samples that can be mixed for ultimate ambience control. 24 bit samples, real-time sustain pedal, increased dynamics, smoother velocity response and GigaPulse body resonance make this library your ultimate sampled piano!
    PLEASE NOTE: You will need at least 1 GB of free RAM when playing the GRANDIOSO libraries from a RAM-based soft-sampler platform. When operating the samples on a disk streaming sampler (Giga, Kontakt with DFD, EXS24 with Virtual memory on and HALION) you need 512 MB.

    Steinway D
    We recorded the best grand piano we could find. This particular instrument is in premium condition, a Steinway model D3 with serial number 393210 which was built in 1965. It was fully refurbished by Steinway Hamburg in 1999. This piano served the Rotterdam 'DOELEN' concert hall for several decades, where hundreds of famous musicians, from Claudio Arrau to the Rolling Stones, performed for live audiences and broadcast concerts.
    We captured up to 6 articulations (PPP, PP, P, MF, F, FF and FFF) for sustain pedal up, sustain pedal down and 4 articulations for the release triggered samples. We recorded the samples using the finest digital equipment available. Prism Sound, a 24-bit ProTools TDM Mix+ system and Waves processing was used. We have mapped up to 16 levels of velocity, true multiple velocity release layers, ultimate staccato, and sustained pedal-down samples with a carefully chosen amount of resonance.
    The library has 5 GB of samples. The end result was tested by several concert pianists, who helped us develop a sampled instrument which could meet their highest expectations. There is no doubt in our minds that this is the best sampled piano ever.

    This Yamaha C7 library provides the greatest possible control during the softest pianissimo, through crescendos to the reserves of power needed for the loudest fortissimo. By utilizing new technology to optimise the mechanical performance of the action, Post Musical Instruments has created a product which leaves the pianist in total control of dynamic response, timbre and touch. PMI has captured the final pop grand piano. We recorded both dry samples and ambient samples. 8 GB of 24 bits samples, up to 16 recorded layers of velocity, separate sustain pedal up and down samples, multiple release samples... and best: dry and wet samples that can be mixed for absolute ambience control.

    Estonia Concert Grand piano is a multi-velocity level chromatically sampled piano of the highest realism! The Grand Piano of ESTONIA has an unique SOUND which comes from the superior spruce timber that grows only in extremely cold areas. The large 9' instrument was sampled with multiple velocity layers and sustain pedal sampled individually. There is even a multiple velocity layer release layer for ultimate realism! The instrument was sampled with 4 layers of velocity (both pedal up and pedal down) also 4 layers of velocity were used to capture the release key action of this piano. The 15 instrument variations give the options of playing the piano with sustained notes only (!), no sustained notes, no release layer, special 'dark' settings etc….All white keys are sampled (55 for each layer).

    This dynamic library features Flemish Harpsichord, Frensh Harpsichord, Virginal and Fortepiano. The harpsichords have been sampled so that you can get both manuals separately and combined. You can even use a key switch to change the registration (from upper manual only, to lower manual to both at the same time) while playing. All instruments are captured with their release sounds, giving them an unbelievable realistic quality.

    A unique collection of Steinway D Concert grand and other orchestral percussion instruments. The main instrument is a Steinway D Concert Grand (the largest size Steinway makes) sampled with multiple velocity layers and sustain pedal sampled individually.

    PMI is one of the leading organ sample manufactorers. These collections below are designed to let you play a real church organ with as many stops as you want on your sampler.
    Theatre organs
    Theatre Organ: The large City Theatre Organ sampled, each rank, each note with natural reverb.
    All ranks were chromatically sampled, capturing the true nature and character of each pipe. Samples are 10 to 15 seconds long with perfect loops to enable playing of unlimited length of notes. The true release sound of the organ pipes was also recorded and is reproduced upon key-release.
    All programs have 50 multisamples recorded in stereo, with the true release reverberation tail recorded in the theatre. The programs are around 100 MB each, making the total size of these individual stops 1.4 Gigabytes. Disposition: MAIN Prestant, Bourdon, Gamba, Celeste, Viole d'Orchetre, Major Flute, Clarion, Fagot/Clarinet, Soussaphone, Harmonia Aetheria Violon Solo Viola, Diaphason, Bourdon, Tibia, Celesta, Jazztrompet, Krumhorn, Vox Humana.

    Church organs
    The Post Organ Toolkit is one of the largest and most versatile collections of high quality organ samples ever assembled! There are 111 instrument files (291.4 MB); all perfect sounding, looped, and most in full stereo, divided into folders: Solo Instruments, Tutti & Pleni, Simulations, Italian, and the Concertgebouw Organ By combining several programs simultaneously you can create every possible registration any organ can produce!

    Postif Organ
    A small Positif Organ with two ranks of pipes was sampled, with incredible detail and attention. Every rank is sampled chromatically, with very long samples and seperate release samples. All combinations were sampled. Recording quality is 24 bit/48kHz.
    Organ disposition - Flute 8 - Holpijp 4 - Quint.
    The Presets: Flute, Holpijp (Holpijp 4), Flute & Holpijp (combination of Flute8 and Holpijp 4) and Quint Tutti (combination of Flute8, Holpijp4 and Quint).


    We will daily post here reporting the number of actually participating buyers, the current discount and the price.

    Therefore you can just follow this thread and place your order when the price is right for you or enter immediately and increase the chances that more people will follow. All first buyers can be certain they get the free copy of the Virtual Instruments Magazine.

    If you have any questions please post them in the Sampler Library Discussion forum section.



    "This is the piano library to beat"
    – Electronic Musician

    " Grandioso Steinway D is definitely one of the best sampled pianos currently available!" ..."a 'must-have' " - Sound On Sound

    " Grandioso Bosnedorfer 290 really is a complete joy to play" - Sound On Sound

    "PMI's latest releases have given me new faith in the possibility of producing expressive music from a sampled piano." Sound On Sound

    "Blows everything else right off the musical map!"
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Re: PMI SUPER Group Buy

    Okay, I'm in.
    Andy Finkenstadt, WinXP, P4-2.8GHZ, 3GB, Sonar 4 PE, Sibelius 3. Yamaha CVP-79A.
    EWQL: Gold, GoldPro, Choirs, StormDrum. and Galaxy & Bosendorfer 290, and RealGuitar. And an empty bank account.

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