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Topic: Is my DAW powerfull enough for GS3 ?

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    Is my DAW powerfull enough for GS3 ?

    Hi all

    i have just upgraded my 2nd PC to the following specs. My main recording DAW is much more powerfull running SX3 but i am unsure if this second Pc running GS3, kontakt, intakt is powerfull enough....if not i need to make urgent changes. I run very large libraries like EAST WEST choirs,ra,gold stormdrm etc and also GS3 (old lady and many others)

    thanks in advance

    2.66 Ghz 533 FSB CPU 512k Cache
    Intel D865BFL Motherboard
    2 Gb Corsair Extreme RAM
    40 Gb Seagate IDE 7200rpm Boot Disk
    400 Gb RAID0 for Giga Audio Streaming (2 x 200 Seagate 7200 rpm)
    Xp Pro + Sp2
    RME Hammerfall Digi 32/96 2.10 + RME Word Clock Card

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    Re: Is my DAW powerfull enough for GS3 ?

    I think it depends on whether you use GigaPulse and other effects on the 2nd PC.

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    Re: Is my DAW powerfull enough for GS3 ?

    You have just barely enough processing to run a piano with GigaPulse modeling of pedal up and down resonance. Or... you can run two ambience instances, and maybe three. I believe that the Intel mobos are usually pretty efficient, so you are probably okay.


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    Re: Is my DAW powerfull enough for GS3 ?

    here is my spec results...is it good enough ??

    sequential read speed:

    100 Mb/s Max and dropping down to average 70 Mb/s for the
    inner (Slower) sectors, and averaging 96 Mb/s

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