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Topic: 1 minute excerpt of STM from Danny Elfman!

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    1 minute excerpt of STM from Danny Elfman!

    Hi guys,

    I'm back again with a 1 minute excerpt of Spiderman The Movie from Danny Elfman. The movie itself is great, i've seen them both, but the score is simply outstanding. So i listened to the main theme very carefully, and did this excerpt by ear. It is my favorite part of the main theme so, enjoy!


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    Re: 1 minute excerpt of STM from Danny Elfman!

    Nicely done! Especially the opening with the timpani -- very effective.


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    Re: 1 minute excerpt of STM from Danny Elfman!

    Hey J.A.B. -

    Very nice work thus far on this. My only critiques are I would bring the brass more into the forground. Possibly use the overlays a little bit more to punch the beginning half up a bit (of course, it could just be my headphones).

    Also, there's a very weird effect going on with the timpani rolls. You may already be aware of how the timpani in GPO works. But I'll type this up anyway :P. If you look at the on-screen keyboard, you'll notice that the timpani is broken up by left hand and right hand. the left hand, I believe, is one octave lower than the right hand. So to help offset the machine gun attack, alternate the notes for each hand to give the timpani a more natural feel. Also, varying the velocity (mod wheel, really) could give it a bit more realism.

    But this is sounding fantastic. I totally recognize this from the movie. I'm always amazed how people can recreate movie soundtracks by ear. I have thus far been quite unsuccessful.

    - Michael
    - Michael Fortunato

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    Re: 1 minute excerpt of STM from Danny Elfman!

    Thanks for the comments guys!

    I know, i'm using FL Studio 5.0 Producer Edition, and it's very hard to make natural sounding timpani rolls. But if i want to do that, i need to work with a tool that allows me, to adjust the length of a note freely so i have to work very precisely, and it's very time consuming. But another problem i have... i think, is that when i load in the brass, or strings, or woodwinds, i leave it at the default settings, the volume is very low, but if i crank up the volume to the max, it is sounding how it's supposed to be, but then i can't work with the velocity settings. The percussion is fine though, it sounds great at a great default volume, and the velocity settings work. It is very weird though.

    But thanks for the lovely comments, and for your critique mfortunato!

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    Re: 1 minute excerpt of STM from Danny Elfman!

    Great work! I am also amazed at your keen ear for recapturing the movie score in GPO-land.

    As far as the volume-cranking goes, are you utilizing the mod-wheel to adjust dynamics? In my experience the preset volumes in the GPO studio are usually spot on.

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    Re: 1 minute excerpt of STM from Danny Elfman!

    I'm not using a mod wheel, i'm writing the music the good old way: i'm writing with a computer mouse! It's a little bit time consuming, but since i don't have a midi cable to connect from my keyboard to my pc, i can't use my keyboard with GPO.

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