Hi All!

I have started to convert some of the Sierra game music to GPO. Here are the links of what I've converted thus far. All of the midi files were downloaded from Tom Lewandowski's Quest Studios site (www.queststudios.com - excellent Sierra music site - really brings back memories).
I am currently in the process of cleaning up the theme to Space Quest 1 and Gabriel Knight 1 now and will post them later. Then I will probably work on the Introduction to Quest for Glory 1 . I love these games.

For right now, here are some GPO'd versions of music from King's Quest V. I'm starting with simple tunes to help me get a little better aquainted with GPO (that and my time is very limited ).

NOTE: I tried to use GPO for as many of the instruments as possible. You will notice in some of the pieces there is a string guitar and there are some bongo drums and accordion. These are soundfonts I have downloaded in the past. I do not know who created these as I have had them for a while now.

King's Quest V - Madame Mushka and the Gypsy Tale
I think the GPO Stradivarius sounds pretty good in this piece. The accordion is a sound font from a GM soundfont I have.
King's Quest V - Desert Oasis
King's Quest V - Harpie Island Theme
King's Quest V - Princess Cassima
I apologize for the velocity levels on the steel guitar soundfont. I adjusted them but realize now they need more adjusting. There is some seriously hard plucking going on.
Unfinished - Space Quest 1 theme
I need to fix the levels and add the rest of the percussion to this, but I think it's coming along pretty well.

Enjoy! Any comments or feedback is appreciated but not necessary.

- Michael