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Topic: Release trails go mad... HELP!

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    Release trails go mad... HELP!

    Hi there!

    I've got a BIG problem now, and I had to stop all of my current projects. HELP PLEASE!

    I own EWQLSO Gold, and until yesterday it worked fine. But now the release trails seem to be out of control.

    For example, if I load a string patch and draw a one bar legato note (piano) in my sequencer, then at the end of the note the release trail EXPLODE in normal forte! Why? If I draw a melody line, at every note's end I got a detonation...

    Two days ago I installed Stormdrums and add some new software update from soundsonline. Could that be the reason why?

    Anybody? Thanks!

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    Re: Release trails go mad... HELP!

    Come on guys... please!!

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    Re: Release trails go mad... HELP!

    I would try EastWest's forum, or their phone support, if you're looking for emergency help.

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    Re: Release trails go mad... HELP!

    Infact, I already posted a similar thread in EW forum.

    Perhaps I should turn down the volume of the release samples in kompakt until someone gives me a hint to solve the problem...


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