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Topic: Tiger Compatibility...Final Word?!?

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    Tiger Compatibility...Final Word?!?


    I'm running DP 4.52 on a Dual 1.8Ghz G5. I've had Tiger for awhile now but have not installed it for fear of crashes, etc. So what is the final word everyone? Will Stylus RMX, Trilogy, and Atmosphere still run? I've read about all the problems with Logic but have not heard anything about DP 4.52. Anyone know anything? The Spectrasonics website doesn't mention anything about either. It would be nice if they at least put up a "Tiger Update coming soon" link or something.

    Thanks for any info.

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    Re: Tiger Compatibility...Final Word?!?

    You should have success with Tiger and DP 4.52. If not, please contact tech support and they can get you an early release of the Tiger version.


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    Re: Tiger Compatibility...Final Word?!?


    Does that mean that I no longer have to use a VST/AU wrapper for Atmosphere and Trilogy in DP 4.5.2?



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