Joe Petosa, Sr.
March 7, 1925 - June 3, 2005

I would like to express our deepest sympathies to the Petosa family. Joe Petosa, passed away last Friday at the age of 80.

Joe was a leader in the accordian industry. Joe comes from a family of legendary makers that span several generations. Joe began playing the accordion at age 10. He later joined the family business learning the art of building accordions. When asked by Accordian World Magazine if he had any regrets about choosing his father's profession, Joe said, ''No, not one. Making accordions is what I love to do."

Joe states that "it still takes a year or longer to build an accordion. Says Joe, "You can't hurry quality. The time involved in making each accordion makes higher production impossible. The wood used in the instruments must first be aged for 20 years before it is ever cut and shaped into accordion pieces. After a case is glued up, it must dry and age another 6 weeks. A quality accordion is like a violin. You can't just stamp one out, making one on an assembly line."

The Petosa company has done very well despite a downturn in the accordion industry in the past several decades. Although steeped in a long tradition, the Petosas also had the forsesight to be involved in digital music and have also designed and built midi accordians. A remarkable man and a visionary.

The legacy Joe has left behind will continue in the music being made for generations to come with the fine instruments he provided.

Gary Garritan