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Topic: Music as Torture

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    Music as Torture

    TIME obtained secret Guantanamo Bay information showing that Christina Aguilera music has been used as torture in Gitmo.


    "Dripping Water or Playing Christina Aguilera Music: After the new measures are approved, the mood in al-Qahtani's interrogation booth changes dramatically. The interrogation sessions lengthen. The quizzing now starts at midnight, and when Detainee 063 dozes off, interrogators rouse him by dripping water on his head or playing Christina Aguilera music."

    It seems that the government has not yet heard "Disco Bagpipes" (winner of the "GPO Worst Demo Ever" contest), but that may be just too cruel.

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    Re: Music as Torture

    Too funny!


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    Talking Re: Music as Torture

    He he ... Man's Nuts, Grab 'Em!
    You want torture come work here for a day.

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    Re: Music as Torture

    I'll take the dripping water, please.
    - Jamie Kowalski

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    Re: Music as Torture

    Quote Originally Posted by Skysaw
    I'll take the dripping water, please.
    I'll take Christina please, minus her music.
    "They get what they vote for." PaulR

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    Re: Music as Torture

    This is "cruel and unusual" punishment!

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    Re: Music as Torture

    One more reason not to turn to terrorism.... or at least, to make certain not to be taken alive.

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    Re: Music as Torture

    Are they paying royalties each time this is played?

    If so, this could inspire a whole new generation of really "bad" music.

    Watch out Dr. Dimento... they're coming to take me away ha ha...

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