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Topic: Which Soft Sampler?

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    Which Soft Sampler?

    I'm in the market for a sampler that i'll be running with Nuendo on a PC. I've narrowed down my choices to Halion and GS3.
    I'm sure they're both great, but i'd like to know which of the 2 programs will run with less errors/imcompatibility/compatibility(with other software and libraries).

    I posted this on the Nuendo forum and got no response.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Which Soft Sampler?


    Ok. So that wasn't on your narrowed down list. But seriously, in my opinion its the best choice currently.

    HALion will work well in Nuendo being made by the same company and all that - but if you are on a G5, I hear some are having problems with HAL on the new OSX version.

    GigaStudio is a wonderful beast, but PC only, so if you are mac, make sure you have a Pentium box laying around somewhere. Also, Giga doesn't work as a plugin with Nuendo, only as ReWire which I could never get to work 100%, but I admittedly didn't try very hard, 'cause I'm so happy with Kontakt.

    Basing the next paragraph on the sales of my libraries personally, it seems the users are split up 40% Giga, 40% Kontakt, 10% HAL and 10% other. If that helps you at all.

    WHich libraries are you most interested in? Are they in both HAL and Giga? If not, this may also influence your decision.
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    Re: Which Soft Sampler?

    GS3 by far. Nothing comes close in functionality and that most basic and important of aspects - ram handling. It will get the most out of a single system.

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    Re: Which Soft Sampler?

    GS3 as far as I'm concerned. Great ( and easy understandable ) userinterface, Gigapulse, iMIDI rules and much more...
    best regards

    Przemyslaw K.

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    Talking Re: Which Soft Sampler?

    Definitely Kontakt 2! I got HALion2 when I initially got Cubase SX thinking that they should make a good pairing. (I've no experience with any of the GS line, but they seem to be very "heavy" and full of hardware requirements that I just don't want to get into right now.)

    Also, the live technical support from the Southern California office has proven to be EXCELLENT (after an initial shake-down period with changing their telephone systems).

    my $0.02 ... KevinKauai

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    Re: Which Soft Sampler?

    Some people run GS3 as a VST via Giga VST Adapter and find it much better than rewire. Test it out as there is a demo available.


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    Re: Which Soft Sampler?

    My vote goes to Halion3.

    It does not offer convolution, but makes up for that with plenty of useful features that are relatively easy to access.

    Sample streaming performance is also very good with the latest version.

    Editing in Halion gives me less eyestrain then when using Kontakt, and certainly less frustrations then when using GS3. I've given up the latter after failing to understand the logic of their sample-editor and error messages.

    Kontakt's scripting seems very powerful and full of potential as the included libs and VSL performance tool alternatives discussions prove. So using both probably makes sense...

    Just a personal opinion of course. Good luck with any choice you make!

    Cheers, Robert

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    Re: Which Soft Sampler?

    Regarding your question to compatibility:

    Both Halion and Kontakt still have issues with import of various formats, in particular GS3 24 bit format.

    Only when using a tool like Extreme Sample Converter, you can convert these to e.g. GS2.5 16 bit, and import them. But still some intense massaging is required to get everything in place and working properly. Because of this, I tend to avoid GS3 libs.

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    Re: Which Soft Sampler?

    I'm facing the same question.

    A couple of issues I face are:

    1. Kontakt/ugly UI. GS is much better.

    2. GS needs GSIF driver soundcard. Kontakt doesn't.

    3. GS only supports giga files. Kontakt supports multiple formats. (Although you could puchase a conversion tool).

    4. Kontakt is VST, DXi, AU. GS is rewire and needs another tool for VST shell.

    5. Kontakt supports Kompakt instruments. If they are locked then Kontakt is the only sampler that will support these. And ultimately, more and more libraries are coming out in Kompakt format these days then any other format.

    As far as Halion is concerned, it has a really nasty form of copy protection that someone on the list mentioned... can't remember who though.

    Ben H

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    Re: Which Soft Sampler?

    Doesn't it matter what type of music you intend to make, with which libraries?

    If orchestral music is important to you, then Giga is probably the best choice. If it's more pop-oriented stuff, then maybe you'll be ok with Halion.



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