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Topic: QLSO Piece - One Spring Morning

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    QLSO Piece - One Spring Morning

    I'm sorry if anybody already saw this over at soundsonline.com. I wanted to wait a bit anyways, before posting here. I entered this in the monthly contest, but last time I checked, rjames's "Fairies" obliterated it. Ha! Congrats on that. Anyways, here's the message:

    This is a piece I wrote the other day, or two, erh...whatever. Anyways, I wanted to use woodwinds a lot more than I have lately. Apparently, I haven't used them enough, if at all...so for that, I should be slapped. I wrote this as part of my 4 seasons collection. I already made a summer one, so now I made a spring one, about a month before summer. Ha, the odds. This is light, fluffy, happy, hopeful, and makes you want to go buy a puppy. Anyways, enjoy!



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    Re: QLSO Piece - One Spring Morning

    hehe nice...

    It sounds SO much like something one would hear in a Sims game or Simcity... nice.

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