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Topic: OT - Taking a leave.

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    Angry OT - Taking a leave.


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    Re: OT - Taking a leave.

    Hi Styxx!

    I'm sorry that you've been having so many technical issues. I completely understand how frustrating that can be. That's great news about the jazz ensemble! That sounds like it will be a lot of fun If you must leave, even temporarily, please know that we will miss you! Hopefully, a break will do wonders for you and you'll be able to realize your compositions in their full glory upon your return. Please take care and feel better! Hopefully, hear from you soon


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    Re: OT - Taking a leave.

    Mikey, don't leave us. You're my biggest fan!

    Yesterday, the doctor told me that I had until eight o'clock this morning to live. Oh no...it's eight-thirty!

    cough, cough,




    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: OT - Taking a leave.

    It is often good to take time and get back to one's "roots" and to re-experience music just for the enjoyment of it. But please keep in mind that many of us using GPO are here for the very same reason - enjoying making music in a supportive environment without a lot of pressure. I know technical problems can be frustrating, and maybe a little break will be a revitalizing thing. Who knows? Maybe you'll return with a whole new outlook on making music with computers that we can all benefit from.

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    Thumbs up Re: OT - Taking a leave.

    Quote Originally Posted by Styxx
    I've had it! I'm not working with a PC anymore for music composition. I need a break from the constant problems, down time and just the total lack of time to stay on top, missing all the updates for GPO and just not having enough time to understand the half of it. I find myself struggling 90% of the time trying to get things to work than writing music. I think I've accomplished four pieces which when I look back in comparison to everyone else’s posted on this forum, they're nothing more than mediocre!
    I've gone back to private lessons for timpani and percussion to learn new techniques and just plain old have fun with music for a change. I've also landed a position with a local Jazz combo and looking forward to some acoustic fun!
    I've decided after trying for hours on end just to get my PC back up on line and finding out it was damaged by a serge (which it shouldn't have with all the freaking protectors) I somehow can't open GPO, Cubase is giving me error messages, Acid has some sort of ASIO problem, so something happened and the dang thing wasn't even turned on! So much for power conditioners and surge protectors. Ha! What a maroon! I need a break. So, I am hanging it up for now in an attempt to clear my mind and maybe start all over in a few months or maybe not at all. I feel like my nerves have been stretched and are about to pop! Eh, there are plenty of new promising composers out there no need for me to continue. I am content with being a player. Time to study and practice my instruments and stop spending long hours trying to get software to run without a hitch!
    I'll be up from my laptop here at work from time to time to see what's new and how we are moving with plans for the GPO Philharmonic Orchestra. That's exciting and I want so much to be a part of it all with all of you! Well, I guess that's enough blowing off steam for now. It was either post and get it off my chest or through the PC in the trash.
    Well, at least I can still listen to some awesome new demos from time to time.
    There, I feel better and like a ton of nonsense is off my sholders!

    I'm really sorry about the problems you're having. The whole lightning thing in Florida is a PIA. We're having to unplug everything on a regular basis here at the office, so I do understand!

    I'm just getting started with GPO so I hope you're not serious about leaving. I have so enjoyed your posts over the last several months and all the help and insight.

    OH pleeeeeeeease stay.<g>

    Paul (insert smiley here)(see other post)
    AMD Athlon 64X2 4400+ 2.2GHz
    XP Pro 2GB Ram
    80GB OS, 160GB Audio, 320GB Samples
    Delta 66 Omni Sonar 5PE GPO, JABB

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    Re: OT - Taking a leave.

    Hey Styxx,

    There is nothing worse than technical problems. Thankfully my little g4 and I have been humming along very nicely now for quite some time. But I have had many troubles in the past and nothing knocks the wind out of your sails and the creative spark out of your soul faster than malfunctioning equipment.

    You are sure right about these do-nothing surge suppressers. You really have to spend hundreds of dollars for one that might work. When I built my studio I put all my gear on an isolated 30 amp circuit with it's own surge suppressor. At least to this point that has done the job, but I’m not sure that there is any guarantee of real safety except unplugging everything. And I sure wouldn't try recording any thunderstorms except with portable gear.

    It's really great, however that you’re going to be playing some live gigs. I really wish you a lot of good times with this.

    Maybe you and your wife could take a couple days vacation away from the kids and the school and the equipment. There is a little inn about a half days drive from you in Arlington Vermont called the West Mountain Inn. It is not real expensive and the food is to die for. It has been one of our favorite run-away places for years, although we haven't been there in quite some time.

    Anyhow, I hope you don't feel just because you're not saturating us with demos, that you can't hang around here much either. You’re one of the pillars that holds this great forum together.

    What ever your life brings you, please know that you are very much loved here.


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    Re: OT - Taking a leave.

    Jeeze, Styxx...

    judging from your previous posts, I would never have guessed you were having such problems...

    If we (I) can help with advice, please drop us (me) a line!

    The Doctor is "IN".
    Steve A. Gallant


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    Re: OT - Taking a leave.

    Relax, Relate, Release.

    Dude you had the musical and other stuff. Just chill for a while.


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    Re: OT - Taking a leave.


    Don't take a leave....from your senses!!!

    We tried to warn you when you went our try to sample lightning storms. And you went and got your computer fried.

    That was a generous offer Steve made. There's many people here who can help you get going. Also, we've been consolidating our computers and have one to can use until you get your sparkling new laptop.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: OT - Taking a leave.

    I know what you mean, man. I write different types of music for different reasons. When I sit down with a PC, I'm thinking about the end result, a finished piece of recorded music that serves a certain purpose, even if it's just sharing with friends. However, it's a tedious effort at the best of times, and never an emotional release.

    When I need to get things off my chest, I grab a guitar and bang out a song. They're rarely complex or lofty music, but that's not my goal. I write something with whatever groove matches my current feelings and lets me belt out some vocals. If my friends enjoy it, so much the better, but I write this stuff purely for the emotional feedback that comes from playing a musical instrument.

    It's the same with live gigs. I enjoy playing simple, loud rock & roll, and spend half the gig airborne. To me, rock & roll is a very physical experience and that, coupled with the feedback from a live audience, is what makes it emotionally gratifying.

    Although work is the main culprit these days, I often spend periods away from PC music creation because it's not what I need at that time. I then come back later with ideas for all the cool things technology lets me do and enjoy the process of piecing together a recorded piece with tools like GPO.

    So get out, play live, and bang on some things (just not the guitar player!). It's good for the soul, and it'll remind you of why you're a musician. The circle will come back around to the point where you feel like twiddling bits in the studio again, and you'll have fun when you do.

    Oh, by the way, I take personal exception to one of your statements. We have several of your songs on the Composer Channel, and to call them mediocre would be to insult great music. You have good hooks, good melodies & grooves, and you meet what in my mind is the most important criteria of great music - you make me feel something! I realize that we're each our own worst critics, but if you want to call the cool stuff I've heard from you "mediocre", well, maybe we need to step outside for a moment...

    No, wait, drummers beat on things for a living - what was I thinking???

    Enjoy the break from computerland, man. There's no greater balm for the emotions than playing live. Just keep us up on your stories!
    Christopher Duncan
    Author of
    Unite the Tribes and The Career Programmer

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