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Topic: Can the Audiophile use ASIO & GSIF drivers at the same time?

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    Can the Audiophile use ASIO & GSIF drivers at the same time?

    I've had great success with a live setup using an ESI Waveterminal 192L soundcard, Gigastudio 2.54 and various soft synths. Giga uses the card's GSIF drivers, and the soft synths are loaded into Chainer VST host, which uses the card's ASIO drivers. Both sets of drivers seem to be able to access the same hardware outputs, and I can route a keyboard split such that my left hand plays Giga and my right hand plays say NI B4, and they come out as a single mixed stereo pair.

    I've just tried to build a similar system using an M-Audio Audiophile card, and while both Giga and the VSTIs work in isolation, I'm finding I can't get them working together. When I try to play both at once, there is a wierd breaking-up sound in the B4 at regular intervals, about every second or so.

    I have tried different buffer sizes. I originally had it on 256 samples. Tried increasing it to 512, which made the problem worse. So I tried going the other way to 128, but that was much the same as at 256.

    I've tried setting Giga to output to the Analogue Outs, and Chainer to output to the SPDIF Outs, and then monitoring from the Monitor Mixer, so the apps aren't trying to access the same hardware ports directly. That makes no difference.

    Has anybody got a similar combination to this working? Is there something I'm overlooking? I thought the Audiophile was supposed to be multi-client? I never know quite what to expect from that term, as the Soundscape Mixtreme cards in my studio PCs just eat all this stuff for breakfast, syncing anything with anything with no effort at all. Like I said the ESI Waveterminal seemed pretty "esi" too. It would seem odd that a well-respected card like the Audiophile can't do it.

    Any tips before I give up and use a different card?

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    Re: Can the Audiophile use ASIO & GSIF drivers at the same time?

    i am using a similar setup with the m-audio Delta66, but i think the drivers are the same. Using 384 latency, i am able to use the multiclient prima, using outputs 3,4 for Giga and 1,2 for cubaseSX. I can also stack a standalone application on the spdif, so i don't think the trouble is the card on your case. I must confess i am not familiar with the Audiophile, but i am relatively sure they are using the same Envy24 chip....


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