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Topic: PC Dummy has Question..

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    PC Dummy has Question..

    I think some of my problems with my PC ARE driver related.

    Can anyone tell me how to check if there is a specific driver that is causing the PC to crash under XP? The PC starts up, but unless I wait for at least an HOUR to launch GIGA, it will crash (an error screen comes up and says to check drivers, etc). It also suggests running some program (I believe that's what it's saying) to check drivers. I can launch other (non audio) programs like Address Book immediately...but VSL Perf Tool or Giga will crash it unless I wait forever....

    If anyone could walk me through this, maybe I could locate the funky driver.


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    Re: PC Dummy has Question..

    This used to happen to me with my old Creamware audio card.
    It would throw its tray icon up well before the audio drivers had actually loaded, and if I tried launching Giga too soon I'd get a crash.

    Certainly didn't take an hour though.

    I'd look at your audio card drivers first.

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    Re: PC Dummy has Question..

    This is a very weird thing to be happening. Please post a full machine configuration with all your other installed software. Perhaps we could suggest some starting points for troubleshooting.

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    Re: PC Dummy has Question..

    Hi, if you're running 2000 or XP you can go Start> Control Panel> Administrative Tools; Event Viewer.

    Open up Event Viewer and let us know if you're getting alerts under the Application or System logs.

    It might also be worth re-installing the sound driver, rolling back to an older driver, or even popping the card into another PCI slot.
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    Re: PC Dummy has Question..

    Hey guys, sorry to be so long in getting back.

    I went to EVENT VIEWER, and under SYSTEM it shows several errors from the other day when I tried to start up GIGA. One says "System Error" 102 event 1003, whatever that is. Also showing is Windows UPdate Agent (2 of those errors). Finally, one says "WARNING" source is W32TIME. Event 36.

    I have had the computer on for days (once I get Giga up and am working, I seldom turn it off, unless I have to do a vocal or guitar line in here, in which case I have to turn off the PC because of fan noise. That's when I get into trouble and can't launch GIGA for an hour!).

    The system config is P4 with 2G ram running XP. I guess I need to do one of those SYSTEM INFO printouts from the PC, then get it over to my MAC so I can upload it here (Mac connected to net) and you guys could look at the exact system). Audio card is WAVECENTER, and the driver is the most current. Graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce MX4000.


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    Re: PC Dummy has Question..

    You could also troubleshoot this issue using msconfig in Windows XP. Here you will find information on how to use it. Microsoft has some instructions too. I hope this helps.


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