Hey, guys.

I've been kicking around ideas for enhancing the Composer Channel experience to build your audience. One such thought is adding articles and commentary related both to working with GPO and pretty much any other aspect of the composing / recording / MIDI / mixing / mastering / process, along with some of the things that aren't technical such as coping with band politics, promoting your music, various aspects of the biz, etc. Also some general interest things as well that would be interesting to people who like to listen to music but aren't musicians themselves - behind the music kinda stuff, interviews, insights, and anything else they might enjoy.

Although I do write books and columns, I don't want to limit this to my own talents. I was wondering if any of you would like to write for the Composer Channel. I'm thinking individual articles, or perhaps even columns.

I'm gearing up for major promotional work for my consulting company, and since that's the mode I'm in I want to work at the same time to increase the audience for the Composer Channel. We have great music, fun shows, and lots more things we can do musically. No matter how good it is, though, I have to effectively promote it in order to continually build a bigger audience for your music, and that's where my attention is at the moment.

So, if you'd like to write some music related articles that either musicians or music lovers would enjoy, give me an idea of some topics you'd like to address and let's see if we can take the station to the next level. I'm gonna make you guys famous if it's the last thing I do...